Xmas holidays

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Casey | 13:01 Tue 19th Oct 2004 | Business & Finance
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I've been at my job for 8 months so not too sure what we get off at xmas. My boyfriend gets 2 weeks paid holiday! Does this all depend on the company or is there usually a set time you get off?


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It all depends on the company to be honest, every company has their own set days of at xmas whether paid or unpaid it will bein your contract of employment (you should have a copy of this by law), should your company not have the same days off as you boyfriend then I would think the only way you can have the same days off and be paid is to take them as part of your annual leave!Hope this helps x
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Thank you for your reply hectic! I will have a look at my contract, but I don't remember it saying anything about christmas hols.
Most of the jobs I've had have 'asked' that days be taken from my annual allocation for the 2 or 3 days between crimbo and new year.  Legally though, I can work them if I want (not that I do...).

My contract gives me 20days per annum + 3 days which must be used at Xmas, which is usually when the office is shut.  Your b/f might work for a construction or manufacturing company who usually have an Xmas shutdown (lucky things!)

If your company is open over the Christmas period, then you will probably be entitled to the Bank Holidays (Christmas Day & Boxing Day) but this isn't a given! Any other time would normally come out of your annual leave - but be prepared to fight for it!

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Xmas holidays

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