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Visa credit card account number.

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SaxyJag | 19:15 Tue 23rd May 2006 | Business & Finance
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I'm trying to set up a standing order to pay money into my mum's credit card from my bank. The bank can do this, but they need to know the credit card account number. I thought this would be the 12 digit credit card number, but my bank says it should be an 8 digit number. I think this might just be the last 8 digits of the card number, but I'm not sure and neither was the girl at the bank (two different banks involved here, and of course, Mum's bank aren't going to give me any details).

So ... is it the last 8 digits? If not, then where will I find it printed on the statement. The last thing I want is my money paying off someone else's balance.

NB: There isn't anything marked 'Account Number' at the top, and the paying in slip isn't attached because it's already been used.


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You need 3 buts of information for a standing order:

sort code

account number


The 12 digit card number will normally go in reference - can't help much on the other two

The account number will be the CC company account number with whatever bank that handles its affairs and the sort code will be that bank

To finish off, your best bet is to ask the CC company - they may even supply a preprinted form.
Look on the Credit Card statement - it gives all the info you need.
Just like your bank account has a number so does the account that the credit card company use, that is what you need to find out ....
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All the statement shows is the 12 digit card number. I have the sort code number.

Asking the credit card company is rather difficult, because the only phone number we have is for an automated line that wants the PIN number, which (it's a whole other story) we don't have access to. I have emailed them to ask where I would find this information, but I'm not hopeful.

Ah well, I suppose the only other way is to pay the money in manually. A pain, but at least I can be sure it's actually being paid.
On the phone line, you may find that putting in a duff PIN will get you to an operator. Don't promise it, but it's worked for me with one bank.
Who is the credit card with?

Also, on any phone lines with that automated service, try typing the hash key instead of the card number when prompted. I'd try that at least a few times to see if it redirects you to a person.
Look at the back of the statement where there will be a section on how to pay. It will have details of the company's bank sort code and account number. For example to pay a Capital One card the Bank account number is 81077082 and sort code 40-02-50. Hope this helps.
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I'll try that, Gef. It doesn't have that on the statement I have, but it might have been on the back of the remittance slip, which has gone. I'll see if Mum can dig out some old statements.

Only one thing, if the account number is the same for all cards (like the one you quoted), then how do the company know which customer's account to pay it to?
I pay my credit card by telephone banking. When I set this up I had to give my bank 3 pieces of information - the credit card company's account number and sort code and my credit card account number so that they know who the payment has come from.

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Visa credit card account number.

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