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chrissa1 | 10:45 Thu 30th Mar 2023 | Business & Finance
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When the price of electricity began to rise, I upped my DD from £76 to £100.

However, OVO Energy has started to send me a £67 rebate every month.
Can any one tell me what’s going on?


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£67 per month was the help from government that all households received. It ends this month.
Your £67.00 is a portion of the £400 everbody got from the government. The government paid the electricity companies and it's forwarded to the customer. It will stop after six months. Its not a rebate from the electrity company. I think we have already had 4 pay outs.
I was wrong. We've had five payouts.
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Oh. Thanks for that guys. I’d forgotten about that. Cheers.
It was paid October through March..£66 for one month followed by 67 for 5 months.
Had my last payment today
thought that they were continuing with the support - re the budget announcement.
Yes they have announced its continuing, but I've not seen any details.

Had a mail today from OVO advising of another increase, and asking if we wanted that as a fixed rate for a year. No we don't!
I had the same letter, MissT, not at all happy with the increase in standing charges and I certainly won't be taking their fix.
DTC, continued support is only for those in receipt of certain benefits and will not be the £66 a month payment we have been getting, plus everyone in receipt of state pension and disability benefits will get a lump sum.
Barry, I have always been impressed with Ovo. Not now!
Do you think the others will do different?

Switch if you think they are terrible.
You are right Ymf. At least Ovo are approachable, but my initial reaction was like Barry's. Their fixed rate offer will not be taken up!
I know the others will do exactly the same but Ovo have been writing to me to make sure I understood they are not profiteering because they have to buy all the gas and electricity they supply to me. In no way can they control those prices.
The standing charges are entirely within their control and it is their choice to increase them. That is what has annoyed me.
I'm going to check that email from ovo again Barry. Never looked at the fixed prices.
MissT, prices are most likely going to keep falling. I'm waiting before I decide to fix and tie myself in to a contract
That's my reasoning too Barry!

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