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Why Is Liz Truss So Weak

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Gingerbaker | 17:36 Thu 13th Oct 2022 | Business & Finance
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It looks as if any policies PM Truss puts out there are gradually being bullied away one by one. What is the point of being PM if you have no power. Churchill must be turning in his grave!!


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Unsure she is. But as a remainer she is known to have poor judgement.
A serial flip-flopper who’d be out of her depth in a car park puddle.
Won’t last much longer than a cheap, far-eastern watch.
A Liz in Blunderland
Just can't understand how she got voted in. The MP for the constuency next to ours. We were absolutely amazed that she was considered, let alone won. I consider now we have no prime minister, no government and no opposition. One big mess!
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Not a fan of Donald Trump but at least he stuck to his guns
I initially thought the Tory party members had “done a milliband” and selected the wrong leader. Now I think that they have actually “done a Corbyn”

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Why Is Liz Truss So Weak

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