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Online Banking Verses Actual Bank

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tiggerblue10 | 21:08 Wed 28th Sep 2022 | Business & Finance
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Going on from Ringlets Q regarding Tesco and approval verification on banking app, are you an online banker or do you still prefer to visit a branch? If branch, what don't you like or what puts you off the online way?


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I bank online but I won't do it on an app because I don't think that is safe.
An app is far far safer. The bank is more in control than logging in through a browser.

Can't remember the last time I went in to a bank. Checky accounts most days, total control
^ bit of a problem if you lose your phone though. And if you are overseas with no data
Quite right. Far safer than a browser and probably safer than going in to a branch.
If your abroad tho how do you visit your bank?
Plaonly nothing works if you don't have it any longer :-)
I do all my banking online and frankly I couldn't do what I do without it (well I could, but it would be massively inconvenient).

I visit a bank perhaps once or twice a year to draw some "walking about" money. The only thing I use cash for is tips in restaurants and my barber (who doesn't accept cards). I prefer fives and tens for this and the hole-in-the-wall usually dishes out twenties. Other than that, I really don't need to visit a bank at all.
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Losing your phone would be a nightmare I guess. But no one would be able to get into your account. Mine has fingerprint verification.
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Also, as I mentioned on the Tesco thread, I paid a cheque in by hovering the camera over the bank details.
I do all my banking online , paying in, transferring etc
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I can't remember the last time I went into a bank. And that's probably why so many branches are closing.
I hardly ever seem to need to actually interact with my bank. (My pension payments go in. My direct debits, standing orders and card payments come out. That's about it really).

However I am registered for online banking via my PC and I've installed the app on my phone as well, which does get an occasional look from me now and then.
Living in Portugal I also have a UK account. This account is accessed through an app or on line. Very secure ID for app and for on line I am sent a code to input by SMS. Portugeuse banking is mostly on line or app and I have a 7 digit code. For online transfers and payments I have to input 3 digits of the 7 but if I set up trusted payees this is not needed. Regular payments can also be set up. I feel secure using these apps
I think a high street branch is a necessary part of the supplied service. Many a time I've wanted to talk to a person about something face to face. And one needs to pay in cheques and get cash. When a high street branch goes I go looking for a rival with their service still being provided as it should be.
Went into our local town on Saturday to see our local branch of Barclays had been closed! No notification whatsoever.
You're lucky if you've got a branch near you.
>>> And one needs to pay in cheques and get cash

. . . which you can do at any Post Office

. . . and who uses cash these days anyway? (I probably use the cash machine outside my local Co-op just two or three times per year when, for example, I want to put some cash inside a birthday card for someone. Otherwise I use my debit card or phone apps to pay for everything).

My bank (Barclays) closed their branch in Needham Market several years ago, meaning that the nearest one would then be in Stowmarket (4 miles away). They've now closed that, meaning that I'd have to go into Ipswich (10 miles away) to visit a branch. Am I bothered? Not at all, as I've no need of face-to-face contact with my bank.
If you only have online banking, how do you pay in a cheque if you have no mobile phone?
^^^ You can pay cheques in at a Post Office, GG. (See link at 2316).

I can't recall having received a cheque for anything in well over a decade though!
Yes Chris I know that, in fact did it last week. The PO in my village closed 18 months ago so I walked to the nearest PO in a village 3 miles away (okay, I know I could have driven).
My question was really to those who seem to claim that they can do all their banking online, without 'visiting' anywhere.
//My question was really to those who seem to claim that they can do all their banking online, without 'visiting' anywhere.//

Apart from drawing my "walking about" money (see above) which I could do at any one of a number of holes in the wall (including my local pub) if I was happy to have the notes they dish out, I haven't visited a bank for perhaps seven or eight years. The last time was to sort out a cods-up that they had made when I closed my account and that was only because I was passing.

What is it you need to visit a bank for?

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Online Banking Verses Actual Bank

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