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Hermes Contact Phone Or Email

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johnk | 09:14 Wed 17th Nov 2021 | Business & Finance
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Does anyone know how to get in touch with hermes by email or phone. I have a parcel missing and can't get hold of them at all, their customer service page is no use at all.


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If its a parcel that's been sent to you they won't be able to disclose info. The parcel sender as the contract with hermes. Tell them to sort it out
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I sent the parcel
Okay thanx, is the one you sent in april through parcel to go that went missing
I wonder where these parcels end up. i sent one to a family member which never arrived last year. I got my money back - well up to a limited £20 but would now pay double to get the package back as its worth a lot more to us now for sentimental reasons
I saw a video several months ago where Hermes drivers had been secretly filmed loading “new” parcels onto lorries where they were then taken directly to auction houses for sale without any attempt being made to deliver them at all.
Recently 2 parcels sent to me were “lost” by them and the sender refunded me eventually. Consequently when I had to send something to a remote area of Scotland and Hermes was the only carrier who would accept it because of its overall size and length I took out the maximum insurance etc. etc at additional cost. Guess what? It too disappeared. It was the most frustrating experience because I could not find any real way of contacting them at all so I filled out the online form, 3 whole days later I got an automated message saying that they had got my request and they would contact me again within 3 days. Nothing. Fortunately for me the parcel arrived at its destination intact after another week or so. And then an email arrived from them! “We pride ourselves on our customer service and hope you will be able to spare a few moments to complete our feedback form”
Stupidly I was so p….d off with them I didn’t - I just could not find the right words!
I forgot to mention the enormous amount of time I wasted in trying to make contact. An entire morning I could not afford. Someone even gave me the number of the local depot but that was on answerphone the whole time. I would never ever use them through choice again.
i am hacked off with Hermes, they are a pain in the backside, you never know when they are going to deliver, so one can wait in all day, or if in the event of a tx message from them giving a time slot for delivery they invariably end up delivering at a different time, so one might be out. One courier recently lobbed the parcel over the balcony gate, thankfully it wasn't breakable but even so they weren't to know that. I am missing a parcel from Cotton traders who use Hermes, that has now had to be re sent, as the first one has gone missing.
you can't get hold of them is the simple answer, sorry to say, but if i were sending anything i wouldn't use them.
Am I the only one who has never had an issue with Hermes?
I have more of an issue with RM! we had no post for 2 weeks then everything turned up in 1 go including new bank cards that we had cancelled because we and the bank had assumed were lost in post
Straydog, I doubt that the customer survey would have been anything more than "box-ticking". That is why I never do them. Even with the survey, you can't really express your genuine concerns.
could be RH, i really hate Hermes, they are a useless carrier. I had to phone Cotton traders and explain that i hadn't received my parcel, so they have agreed as i am a good customer of theirs, to resend another item, which should get here tomorrow, though their carriers are Hermes so who knows....
I use Hermes regularly and haven't had a problem yet.

Maybe a sunnier disposition helps. :-P
Have you tried this number? 0330-808-5456
Yes tohe fair apart from my one misterious missing parcel I've actually found them very good usually arriving next day even if I go for the 2-3 days option.
I have given Hermes the benefit of the doubt three times now but never again -this is as a sender not a recipient. Years ago, they managed to smash to smithereens an antique tea set then refused to compensate because ceramics are not covered by their insurance ( even though I clearly stated the contents for the extra insurance coverage.) Secondly they 'lost' a £400 saddle destined for the scottish highlands -then they found it -then they said it was overweight and they were going to destroy it. After I sent an email referring them to my solicitor it was magically delivered the next day. Lastly, they 'lost' a whole raw fleece from a rare breed sheep. Firstly, I was informed it was damaged and they were sending it back to me, then I was informed it was lost, then I was informed it had been destroyed as it was 'beyond repair'. I did not get any insurance compensation and the fleece had sold for over £100. I will never use them again.
“Maybe a sunnier disposition helps. :-P”

What do you mean Douglas?

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Hermes Contact Phone Or Email

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