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Display77 | 04:41 Fri 27th Nov 2020 | Business & Finance
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Question: Which of the following organisms would be most likely to become invasive if introduced to a new habitat?

A) A plant that is pollinated by a single species of insect
B) A plant that requires a long period of cold weather in order to germinate]
C) An animal that reaches sexual maturity at 20 years of age
D) A fungus that produces millions of spores that disperse on the wind
E) An animal that feeds on only one species of plant


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You keep posting questions that, in the main, can be answered by using common sense.
Yes one answer seems sensible and 4 seem wrong to me even as someone whose pretty clueless on boilogy
why are they still here, doesn't the poster know anything
yeah read the question and choose the option that doesnt limit the size of the population

most likely means that is one

a) is limited by one species of insect - an example is the hawk privet moth which only feeds on privet and er isnt that common except on privet hedges...
now see b) .. ..... it is time oyu read your course material and thought about it ....
// why are they still here, doesn't the poster know anything//
no he prefers to post to us
rather than read his course material
and hasnt noticed the textbook doesnt argue with him
Seven questions. No ' Please ' or 'Thank you'. Go away - please !
surprised that people respond, doesn't the poster do any of his own work
obviously not, and no there are no thank you or replies from OP. strange
Oh, I know what's strange.
you always do.
Whilst this is a question and answer site, it isn't a doing someone else's homework site. Especially when it's an easily guessed multiple choice question. Get some self confidence, it'll serve you well in later life.
Do you do any of your homework yourself. A few manners would be good and letting us know if those that give you answers get them right.
A poster tries to get a group of grown ups to do their homework the result is
A) everyone gets fed up and ignored them
B) People start to give deliberately wrong answers
C) The poster takes the hint and tries studying for them self
D) the poster discovers, wiki, and fails their exam
Select all that apply giving reasons for your choice with appropriate references

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