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smurfchops | 11:35 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | Business & Finance
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I have had a few wins and kept all the original Congratulation letters. I want to have a clear out, do I need to keep all of these, or can I just Keep the latest ‘win’ letter so I know how much I have saved with them? Or is there a way of getting a statement from them with a list of winnings?


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It's up to you. I don't keep any of them but do regularly log in to my online account where I can see all my bonds and winnings. There is a facility to print the information out.
Register with ns&i online with your holder number [not your bonds numbers] and you can view your holding at any time.
They are stopping sending out these letters soon anyway, everything is going to be online, shame really as i like to keep all these letters.
Never had one in 35 years.....
Darcey, you could print out your notification messages

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Premium Bonds Statement

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