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granny grump | 19:39 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | Business & Finance
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I bank with Barclays and have done for a lot of years. I have had a message on my phone:

'HALIFAX: An unauthorised payment was attempted to a new payee from a new device. If this is not you cancel this payment via'

Is this a scam? If so how can they get any money from me with this? Sorry to seem so naïve but I am a bit paranoid about things like this


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yes it is a scam
They're asking you to log in to a scam website where they will ask for your bank details. Halifax bank is nothing to do with you; just delete the message.
A warning from a bank that you don't even bank with is fairly obviously nothing more than a phishing attempt.

Still not convinced? Here's a screenshot of what I see in my browser if I try to go to that web address:
Googling gives me a dire warning about deceptive site ahead. Just delete it, GG. Ignore it.
BA to chris
my god he is a man with barlz !
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Thank you all for putting my mind at rest

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Bit Worried About This

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