How Can I Encourage Myself To Start A New Business And Get Rid Of 9-5?

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Alexmannock | 17:18 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Business & Finance
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I am in a good paying job but what motivates me is to do something by myself with complete ownership.


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Do you have a particular market or service in mind?
Question Author
Thanks EdmundD,

Yes, I am planning to get into property investment. I have tried earlier as well.
Ambition, responsibility, achievement. Self-reliance.
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Thanks, David
You say you tried property investment earlier. What happened that you came away from it?
you also need for the startup and money to live on until your business takes off.....or keep your existing job and work like stink in which case you could live on your salalry and you'd only need startup funding
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EdmundD, I meant I tried doing it full time. I am learning along the way. I have a mentor now who is helping me to build this up. But I think I need more encouragement since it's my hard-earned money.
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woofgang, thanks but I am sure businesses run on people money not your own and in the process both get the benefit.
// omething by myself with complete ownership.//

but you kinda want people money

well property investment may well make money - but the difficulty is that you want people money to make money with and so far you havent made any with your own

I had no idea that people on home working would wish to continue and so country prices are rising and central city prices are falling or not going up as fast....

i mean basically you have to keep in your present job and do the property bit by yourself for a few years.
I have never found the people money side a good deal in property, as they wish to have a constant income ( usually unrealistic ) and are not able to cope with boom bust cycles
oh and investors regard property ( classic illiquid assets)
as bank accounts that they can call on for large amounts without notice
Have faith in yourself. If you want it enough you'll get it.
Why would sensible people give you money to invest when you can't demonstrate a level of success?
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Thanks @Peter Pedant, I will keep in mind.
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Thanks @waterboatman for such encouraging words.
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@woofgang: Thanks for asking such relevant questions. Everyone has to start somewhere and people who has faith in you can trust you with their money too. It's my opinion.
You can try to use social media
"people who has faith in you can trust you with their money too"
I am sorry but trusting people with no track record with one's money is a recipe for disaster and most people with money to invest know this....its often how they got the money in the first place, by doing their research before investing.
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Thanks woofgang, I said earlier that I am planning to do it fulltime. Though I have a track record of some successful projects.
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Alex; why are you asking people here for ideas for you to make money when you don't have your own ideas? If we were that clever, we probably would keep it to ourselves.

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How Can I Encourage Myself To Start A New Business And Get Rid Of 9-5?

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