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ro2124 | 17:19 Wed 22nd Nov 2017 | Business & Finance
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Anyone dealt with HMRC  website who can give some advice?
the website is very comprehensive but confusing there are so many options to choose from its difficult to know which one to use.
basically the matter is regarding a refund of tax.

recently received a lump sum from a pension investment payment,  which was subject to tax.
but the pension  company informed me as I am living outside of UK I am entitled to a refund of that tax.
I've looked forward and backwards through that website but I can't see any  options ,that deal with that particular matter
so be grateful regarding any advice how to deal with that and perhaps which form one has to use.


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The form you need to use will depend upon the exact nature of the pension-related payment you received. See if any of those mentioned here fit your circumstances:

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