Bank Account Hacks

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cupotee2 | 18:53 Sat 08th Oct 2016 | Business & Finance
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I know its becoming a real problem that bank accounts can be hacked, by slimey hackers these days. I blame the banks themselves.

I am aware of someone who had an account hacked a couple of weeks back via Barclays Pingit Account.
The victim doesn't bank with Barclays, but the scammer managed to open a Pingit account, in the victim's name, and draw money from the victim's own Bank account.. straight into the new Barclays Pingit account.

I'm sure the banks in their wisdom are making it far to easy to transfer cash, any time anywhere, via a mobile phone, it's ludicrous.

Maybe time to stash the cash under the mattress!


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We do have the option to bank in person.
//// Maybe time to stash the cash under the mattress! ////

.... with the paltry interest rates currently on offer, that prob wouldn't be too bad an idea .....
I'd be interested to see how this particular hacking worked.
If the fraudster opened an account with Barclays they would have needed to meet identity procedures. So this sounds more like identity theft than Bank hacking as the info they would have required would not have appeared on the victims on line account. Once they have the account open and the account number of the existing Bank account, transferring funds would have been straightforward.
This is why it is so important not to put any information in the public domain, odd are it will be used.
I do all my on line Banking from home on a non wireless connection and would never use a mobile phone or internet in a public place.
That's what i was wondering, ubasses. And the perosn who stole the identity probably had to give a different address or intercept ant letters with PIN numbers, access codes etc
Usually they give the genuine address to open the new account then change it on line almost immediately, or the victim would start receiving the post.
And sometimes the victims do receive the post if they get to it before the fraudsters. It has happened in my block of flats to more than one person, more than once.
Have you got communal entrance with post boxes Ladybird, they are a fraudsters favourite haunting ground.
Yes we have ubasses and indeed they are. Entrance is by key or fob but they quite often go wrong and the door doesn't close properly. The first we know is when a resident finds a credit card has been taken out in their name, or a loan has been taken out, or their bank statement doesn't appear when it should, and so on. They have targeted our area twice in about 3-4 years. The police believe it is a large well organised gang working out of SE London.
My sheltered accommodation has a communal entrance but the postman delivers mail to each flat personally.
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Yes your right ubasses, the persons identity was stolen..the banks tell the victim these scammers use an unregistered phone sim that they ditch as soon as the deed it done, so untraceable.

It didn't stop there as the scammers then went on to try opening other accounts in the persons name using different combinations as in Mrs ** Ms** but, by now the bank were watching this address and intercepted.

I don't leave my details online..but many online companies keep your card numbers unless you delete, every time. Amazon and M&S & Tesco are 3 that come to mind.

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Bank Account Hacks

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