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Webcam Model Tax Deductions

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serendipity2 | 14:14 Sun 24th Jan 2016 | Business & Finance
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Hi there,
Please could anyone let me know what kind of things are tax deductible? I know that things like hair, make up, lingerie etc is included but I have been told that my lip fillers and busy enlargement could be too.
Thank you in advance.


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Busy enlargements. LOL. I'd get yourself an accountant.
Contact the HMRC for a definitive answer.
HMRC will say that the expenditure must be 'wholly and necessarily incurred in conjunction with the business'.

I'm not too sure that 'busy (sic) enlargements' would fit into that category.
Question Author
Thank you everyone. It's for my daughter and lol at the busy enlargement!
this looks like a good site

you will see that hair make up and lingerie is excluded
however I am not a model

lipfillers and busy enlargement strike me as going against exclusivity rule
it is tax deductible if used exclusively for work

and those bad boys are probably not only for work

I would have thought agents fees - or admin fees are tax deductible under the exclusivity rule
so that if you or you daughter get £100 and thirty is taken off for admin then you declare £70 but then you cant knock off a further thirty for the same thing

in the other thread - someone has given you a dead link to professional fees fees that doctors nurses lawyers and accountants pay to their professional bodies which ARE tax deductible ( so long as the prof body is registered and on The List ) but somehow I dont think applies to a webcam model waving her .... around

and yes I think you need - depending on the income - an accountant and yes their fees are tax deductible
deffo agree with dogz - he perhaps has smelt a rat

if they are as "busy" as you say they are
then they would not be exclusive ......

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Webcam Model Tax Deductions

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