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Sunday Business Post Bumper

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bilbo | 22:22 Wed 31st Dec 2014 | Business & Finance
19 Answers
Just a few left from this Bumper:

75a) The cat returns to the French company (6) o?e?o?. Think it's ocelot but can't figure out why other than it is some sort of cat.
76d) Story re-edited of late (4) ?a?e. Is it tale but why?
80a) Firebrand endlessly providing Celtic jewellery (4) ?o?c

and finally, I have seen on another thread that somebody suggested the answer was 'new' to 'Directions to find a novel' (3) I have the 'ne, but can't understand why neW?

Thanks so much in advance.


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to le co back
75 Return TO and LE (french THE) and CO(mpany)
anagram of late tale
75a To le co reversed
76d Anag late
76 anagram of LATE
76 anagram of late
75a ocelot
(the cat) returns 'to' = ot
the French = le turned around = el
company = co turned around = oc
oc el ot
80 torc(h)
80a Torc (h)
80 torc (h)
80 torc(h)
NE (north east)
W (west)
new = novel
North East West
80a Torc(h)
North, East, West = NEW = Novel
Question Author
Hey guys. Thanks so much. You're all brilliant. Crossword finished now. well over 130 clues. Loved it. Happy New Year again.
and the same to you and yours bilbo
Happy new year bilbo!

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Sunday Business Post Bumper

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