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How does a business run from home affect your home insurance?

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johnny37 | 18:46 Sun 02nd Sep 2012 | Business & Finance
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Not a major business but an extended hobby. Involves occasional visits by people to your home by invitation. Involves some selling of the products you make to enable you to buy more materials. Runs at a loss. Is declared on your personal tax return. Have a business bank account merely to keep your income and outgoings separate from your other finances.

What effect would this have on your home insurance?


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Much more info.needed here,before an answer can be given.
1 What type of business is it.
2 Value of stock held in building and nature of stock.
3 Is any machinery used.
4 Limit of business cash held overnight.
5The extent to which the public have access to your house.

Dependent on the answers to the above will ascertain whether your insurer will cover you under your present Policy or you will require to effect additional cover by a separate Insurance.
Let's start with "Is it Legal?"
Council business rates is another one to add on. Been there.

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How does a business run from home affect your home insurance?

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