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Banking Charges

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AB Editor | 12:14 Mon 28th May 2012 | Business & Finance
36 Answers

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  • Less than £10 per month - 248 votes
  • 92%
  • Between £10 - £30 per month - 17 votes
  • 6%
  • More than £30 per month - 4 votes
  • 1%

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Nothing! I'd close it and use a Building Society pass acccount instead. Banks are just greedy.
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depends on what you get for your "membership" - if the discounts for things I'd use are worth it, I'll consider it.
Nought, zilch, nil nothing.
Nothing, they are making money from me.
Banks/bankers = pure greed. what will they do with th money? go on their jollies i bet ! i refuse to pay give me one good reason why anyone should have to pay!
I`d never pay to have a current account.
very much less than a tenner!
I chose less than a tenner.
If there had been a zero I would have chosen that, I don't pay now and if they bring in charges i'll move banks.
I don't want to pay and would shop around for one that doesn't charge, but it is a very handy service so I suppose if it were a choice between £10 a month or having no account i'd have to stump up.

Hi lozzer50- I'm not sure what you mean when you say the banks/bankers would "go on their jollies i bet ". The vast majority of bank staff are counter staff, call centre operators and other back room staff so I'm not sure what jollies they get
<<give me one good reason why anyone should have to pay>>

Because it costs to run a bank account.

OK there are different ways of paying - the general one at the moment being that the 'interest' on the account pays for the cost of running it. That's a very rough and ready way of doing it.

Maybe there's a better way - perhaps so much per transaction (varying with the type of transaction of course) offset by real interest at the going rate (whatever that is) would be 'fairer'

For every 'greedy' bank there are thousands or even millions of 'greedy' customers expecting something for nothing
So how come banks have managed to stay in business for decades without charging for current accounts? Could it just be that they have invested the money that account holders have in their accounts and have reaped the rewards?
The majority of countries don't have free banking, and I well remember when the UK didn't.
Charged for every transaction, such as depositing or writing a cheque and these days everything goes through the bank and we are penalised if we wish to pay our bills by cash rather than direct debit.

I love my current account - can access it online, make payments, transfer money, set up or cancel direct debits, check my balance, draw money from the ATM or via cashback.

When I opened this account 25 years ago it paid interest on the credit balance, a revolutionary step at the time. It no longer pays interest but I don't keep much money in there - just enough to cover the outgoings. I move the excess to a savings account.

I don't use the overdraft facility so the only real money they get from me is when I use my debit card to pay for goods or services - the vendor is charged a per centage.

If I didn't pay my utility bills by Direct Debit I would probably be paying around £100 per month more but I am still very reluctant to pay a fee for using a current account.
My bank pays me a fiver a month to bank with them
have to agree with 237sj
Have you thought that banks were using their current accounts as 'loss leaders', propped up by mortgage accounts, business accounts and savings - in the hope that the user would stay loyal to the brand for their own savings, borrowings and mortgages?
Current accounts should stay free.The banks are using my excess money to fund loans to other customers who are being charged 29%. They are paying me on my supersaver account 0.05%.Surely at 28.5% their costs are well covered in running current accounts !!!!!
Your bank charges 29%? Name and shame!

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