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Banking Charges

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AB Editor | 12:14 Mon 28th May 2012 | Business & Finance
36 Answers

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  • Less than £10 per month - 248 votes
  • 92%
  • Between £10 - £30 per month - 17 votes
  • 6%
  • More than £30 per month - 4 votes
  • 1%

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Not a penny farthing. if they decide to charge for my current account then I would close it.
micmak - how would you pay your utility bills? You get at least 10% discount on most bills by paying by DD.
How would you get your wages or pension? Yes, you could get them paid into a savings account (maybe) but most don't have ATM cards so you would need to go to the bank during working hours to get your money.

Postal orders cost if you want to send money in the post without using a cheque.

I could not manage my life without a current account.
As little as possible since they already have my money to make profit with. and since the government stole our right to be paid in cash I believe there is a moral duty that banking is free anyway, anything else is further abuse of the citizen.
I would use a savings a/c with ATM card instead over paying for a current a/c
You'd be limited to the number of withdrawals. Banks don't like you using savings accounts as credit accounts.
current accounts, not credit accounts. Doh
Blame it on Europe, they are the ones trying to make the Banks split investment banking (the part that makes the money and pays the bonuses) from the retail banking (the bit that is done in branches and pays the staff as little as possible). The former funds the latter on the whole, so the branch customer would no longer be subsidised by the big investors who pay high charges on their portfolios and currency dealing.
Consequently this would leave the man on the street paying for the provision of cheque books and debit/credit cards, processing all the cheques paid in and out, direct debits and standing orders. Plus printing and postage on statements and aforementioned book and cards. Then of course pay or the staff to servie you and buildings to put them in, add on the insurance not only on property and staff but the cash held on the premises. Getting money delivered or removed from the branches by Security Companies. Maintenance of cash machines etc. I could go on and on but I have already, so really free banking has been a luxury.
No option for nothing - I think it's ridiculous to have to pay.
"My bank pays me a fiver a month to bank with them"

The wife's giving you pocket monet then ? :)
Askey - I pay in minimum of a grand each month to Halifax so they give me five pounds.
Oops ! I guess a Monet would be much more than a fiver ? :(
I wouldn't pay them a penny, they hardly give anything for my savings!!!
Absolutely nothing
Nothing! They make more than enough from us already!!!
Interesting theory some people hold that banks make a load of profit out of them.. most banks (except HSBC) haven't made a profit for 5 years
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