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Princess Sue | 00:07 Wed 30th Apr 2008 | Personal Finance
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If my partner and I don't get married will we be better off as regards our old age pension - as we will still get 2 single pensions instead of one married couple's? Is there any other financil benefit in staying single? - Or is the advice to get married?


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If you have worked and are entitled to a full pension in your own right, it will not matter whether you are married or not.

If you need supplementary means tested benefits, you will be treated as a couple anyway - unless you lie and say you are his lodger (or vice versa).

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Thanks Ethel. Think we would be better off married as I am not entitled to his work pension - he is entitled to mine regardless of whether we are married or not (Law changed in April) but as he is in receipt of Local Gov. Pension now - he cannot leave it to me unless we marry.
Ethel is referring to the Basic State Pension, but your analysis of your own and your partner's pension (which is additional) is also valid.

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