How This Covid Is Again Affecting Your Business?

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Renuk | 09:22 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | Business
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I work in the Office space industry and we can definitely see a drop in our leads and on that it became crucial for us to take a care of all our present clients make sure they are working in safe place.


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my business is in the essential category, therefore for me personally ive still been working, but from home. I think the business as a whole has been going on pretty much as normal (in fact it think more productive)
My OH is classed as essential and only had 1 week off in lockdown 1.

My job has dwindled because I work for a security firm and we haven't been providing security men.
Maybe your going to tell us how you managed to take care of all your clients?
Are you in UK or Sri Lanka?
The demand for office space will fall compared to 18months ago as companys and offic estaff realise the benifits of working from home, but many companys are now calling there staff back into the office for at least a few days a week by middle of this year so not everyone will be trying to sell up all there space but will need less
A lot of home workers can't wait to get back in the office.
and any I know love working from home - those that have children so don't have to pay for child care and also not having to pay £70 a week for parking.
Two of my relatives are both working from home. They would both like some days in the office and some days at home. They both miss the camaraderie of having work colleagues.
Imagine being a new staff member.

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How This Covid Is Again Affecting Your Business?

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