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Seasonal Inflation

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AB Editor | 10:18 Thu 17th Nov 2011 | Weight Loss & Dieting
8 Answers

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  • No, I align myself with the turkey (seasonal inflation!). I have no dieting plans. - 41 votes
  • 48%
  • Yes, but I'm always dieting! - 24 votes
  • 28%
  • Yes! I'm trying to get slimmer for Christmas. - 10 votes
  • 12%
  • No, I plan to try and lose weight when the new year starts. - 10 votes
  • 12%

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C. :)
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Good man Ratter!
-- answer removed --
I don't indulge any more at Christmas any more than any other time of the year. Don't like turkey, so don't get one. Don't like Christmas cake or mince pies or most other Christmas fayre.

Bah humbug.
I'm on a permanent 'diet' that allows me to eat all the roast Turkey,Beef and Duck I want...followed by copious amounts of Stilton,and cream (don't care too much for custard) on my pudding. So I guess I am a 'c' also.
B. Its taken me 11 months to lose 5 stone and I'm going to stick to it till Xmas. I'm also planning to go off the rails Xmas Day and Boxing Day and New Years but get back to normal after that.

Pasta - If I remember correctly it was you who gave me the link to the Food Focus website a few years back. And I've never looked back, thank you :o) xxx
Yes....think it was me,tiggs. I'm so glad you've done so well...5 stone is a really good loss. x
Ooops, sorry Pasta, that should have been 4 stone and not 5. Slip of the finger!!! Lol

1 to 8 of 8rss feed

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Seasonal Inflation

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