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All diets work if you stick to them

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david51058 | 15:56 Thu 31st Mar 2011 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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People say that they have tried various diets but they don't work are wrong. What they really mean is they didnt stick to the diet or it would have worked.


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I would tend to agree, but I'm not so sure about some of the off-the-wall diets.
Not necessarily David. I've tried all sorts of diet which didn't work for me. The one that I did try which did work was the Rosemary Conley one. I lost 2 stones which is what I needed to lose. I'm now using a similar diet to hers and its going really well. I've lost a stone and a ½.
As a general rule and if you follow diets like weightwatchers and slimming world.

Anyway...don't they really say that you shouldn't go on a diet. You should change your life style...and stick to your new lifestyle.
If you're talking about faddy celeb diets then I would agree with you.
Tiggs...was the second attempt to lose baby weight?
Yes Ummmm. Can't believe I put on 3 stone during my pregnancy! :o(
I did too, Tigger. I was the size of a house. a very large house!
Lol Sara! I was the size of a brick poop house.
Only asking because it might have looked as if the diet didn't work as you put weight back on.

I was lucky with mine....I didn't put any weight on.
Ah yes, I thought that too Ummmm. The post-pregnancy diet is definitely working and I'm hoping to get into my size 10/12 jeans by Little Tiggs' 1st birthday.
Agree with ummmm. Just change your eating habits and lifestyle permanently and you can cheat sometimes too. Diets as such will never work because they are too rigid. You can't keep counting points or calories all your life. Nothing you have to 'stick to' will work properly.

I think Rosemary Conley works more because of the exercise involved.

Paul McKenna's book really did help me.
Diets rarely work, you get into a cycle of loss and gain and rarely do you stay at the same weight. Change your lifestyle and find a dietry scheme that works for you.

Yes I talk from experience and yes I am a bit of a bloater and yes I am changing habits...again!

ooppps....However...Mrs Slapshot has lost 12.5 stones over the last 8 years
Quite right, David. All diets work if you stick to them The problem is that you have to stick to them for life and some of them are too restrictive for that.
Try low carb. Eat as our bodies were evolved to eat - protein, fat and leafy vegetables and you will lose weight and be fully satisfied, and your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers will improve as well.
Well, I think what would work best is if you determine first what goal you want to achieve. To lose weight means you have to lose body fat and to lose body fat you'll need some protein supplements that you can take before and after your workouts to help facilitate faster weight loss. You can try reading about some protein supplements here at http://www.nutritionw...and-recovery-c-7.html

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All diets work if you stick to them

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