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How can you tell if you have prostate cancer rather than an enlarged prostate

asks tonyb: A. Prostate cancer is the commonest male cancer in the UK. About one man in 20 will develop prostate cancer - usually when they're over 65. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign enlargement01:00 Mon 11th Mar 2002

Is Zyban safe I've tried everything thing else and I'm desperate to stop smoking.

asks ursula: A. Zyban (Bupropion) is a non-nicotine treatment which reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms by acting on the part of the brain that deals with nicotine addiction, but is it not fully01:00 Mon 11th Mar 2002

Is there a new cure for baldness

asks adryley:A. Yes. A prescription-only drug, called Propecia, which tackles male hair loss, has just been launched in the UK. It has been used in the US since 1998. Q. What is it A. It's a01:00 Mon 11th Mar 2002

I've read that black cohosh is good for menopausal symptoms - what is it

asks Susmith:A. Black cohosh, also known as black snake root, bugbane and Cimicifuga racemosa, is the root of Actaea racemosa, a perennial herb from North America and a member of the buttercup01:00 Mon 04th Mar 2002

My lips are always cracked and dry - in summer as well as winter. Lip salves don't help. Is there anything I can do

asks Sporty:A. One of the main reasons lips become dehydrated and crack is that they are constantly exposed to the climate. Extremes of hot and cold are particularly bad for this, drying out the01:00 Mon 04th Mar 2002

My mother has a hiatus hernia - what is that

asks Ursula:A. It's when part of the stomach bulges up through an opening (hiatus) in the diaphragm into the chest cavity. The diaphragm is the muscle at the bottom of the rib cage and separates the01:00 Mon 04th Mar 2002

With so many scare stories and AIDS and STDs, are teenagers having less sex than they used to

asks Ursula:A. Not at all. The most recent UK survey - The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles 1999-2001 - questioned 11,000 people over two years and came up with some interesting01:00 Mon 18th Feb 2002

Does counting sheep really help you sleep

asks MScott:A. Apparently not. New research from Oxford University found that imagining a relaxing scene was more useful. Q. Why A. Some people find that distracting their thoughts helps them to01:00 Mon 18th Feb 2002

Is there a cure for labyrinthitis

asks awol: A. Labyrinthitis is an unpleasant infection, which strikes suddenly, without warning. You suddenly feel dizzy and rooms spin in front of you. You feel sick, nauseous, sweaty, and need to01:00 Mon 18th Feb 2002

How can I tell if my teenage son is drinking lots of alcohol, as I suspect

asks adryley:A. All children try alcohol once in a while - it's estimated that 94% of kids in the UK have tried it by the age of 16. However, it's important you know whether it's just normal teenage01:00 Thu 11th Apr 2002

What is the nuchal test

asks Ursula:A. The nuchal translucency scan is a relatively new antenatal screening test. Q. How does it work A. Virtually all pergnant women are given routine ultrasound scans to detect01:00 Mon 11th Feb 2002

What do experts think about the the Schwarzbein Principle diet system

asks aadenny: A. The Schwarzbein Principle is based on the work of Dr Diana Schwarzbein, a Californian endocrinologist. She was seeing people who suffered from type II diabetes, or late onset01:00 Mon 11th Feb 2002

Is it best to be honest or tell white lies in a relationship

asks Ursula:A. Good question. Everybody wants their partner to be honest with them, but do we really want to know the truth Reader's Digest carried out a MORI poll on honesty in marriage in the UK,01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

I just can't get motivated to exercise. Can anyone help

asks HGray:A. For a start, regular exercise: reduces stress improves the condition of your heart helps keep your weight down reduces your risk of strokes, diabetes and some cancers lowers your blood01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

Can anyone suggest natural ways to deal with depression

asks archiemac:A. There's more demand than ever for natural ways to deal with depression now that the 'safer' antidepressants have been shown to have strong side-effects and cause dependency. And01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

Seroxat - has anybody experienced crazy side affects with this Prozac-type drug

asks Julia: A. Seroxat is a type of anti-depressant called SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors), as is Prozac. SSRIs were brought out as an alternative to tranquillisers such as Valium,01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

What can be done to prevent or stop teeth grinding during sleep

asks meandyou:A. Grating, grinding or clenching your teeth is called bruxism. Millions of adults and children do it. Most aren't even aware that they do it because it happens at night while they01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth

asks Ursula:A. There are a few reasons why your gums may bleed - because you haven't been cleaning your teeth properly and the plaque has built up, or it can be a sign of gum disease or infection. 01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

Is there any danger in having your navel or nipple pierced

asks Modge:A. Yes, there is, according to a recent survey of 454 students at the Pace University in New York, where there is high percentage of students with body piercings. Researchers found that 17%01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

Is it true that eating soya can protect against cancer

asks admason:A. Possibly. Soya is a good source of a type of phyto-oestrogens called isoflavones. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, some studies show that the type of isoflavones found in01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

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