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Infintigo, Infantigo, Impetigo - READ THIS FIRST!

Lots of people find their way to this site to ask a question about 'infintigo'. If you Google the term, this is one of the first sites you'll be directed to. (If you're reading this, that may well01:00 Mon 15th Dec 2003

The removal of breasts and ovaries to prevent cancer

Wee Kaz posted a concerned question recently: "I've just heard on the radio that doctors have suggested that in order to get rid of breast and ovarian cancer us woman should consider having them01:00 Wed 02nd Oct 2002

Vitiligo - causes, symptoms and treatments

Answerbank reader saturnspeak asks: 'Does anybody know a cure that actually works for the skin condition vitiligo ' We review the disorder - but we haven't been able to uncover a cure. Vitiligo01:00 Tue 21st May 2002

Has anyone heard of maggots being used in hospitals

asks msminor:A. It's true. Specially bred and sterile maggots are being used increasingly to clean wounds that don't heal because the patient - or the bacteria - has become resistant to antibiotics.01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

Is dyeing hair dangerous

asks Ursula:A. It could be. Very recently it has emerged that the colouring used on certain hair dyes may cause cancer. Q. Which dyes A. The dyes that have scientists particularly worried are01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

My eyes keep developing styes which inflame - how do I prevent them in the first place

asks PHD: A. A stye (also called a hordeolum) is a small abscess. It usually forms in a single sebaceous gland draining into an eyelash follicle. Q. What causes it A. It is caused by bacterial01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

Is it possible that I'm already suffering from hay fever

asks Allan:A. Yes, it is. Especially if you live in the south of the country. Your personal hay fever season is dictated by the types of pollen that set off your symptoms. Q. What are they A. From01:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

Is there a direct relation between the amount you eat and how much comes out at the other end

asks msminor:A. The average person in Britain produces around 250g of faeces a day, although that can vary greatly from individual to individual. Q. How does that compare to the rest of the world A.01:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

I'm 17 and have started getting grey hair, is there anything I can do to stop it

asks cleare17:A. Grey hair is what happens when the colour pigment cells, found at the base of the hair follicle, stop forming due to changes in the melanin production. No-one knows exactly why this01:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

What are symptoms of thyroid trouble

asks mjleex: A. Your thyroid gland is found at the lower front of your neck and helps to regulate the body's energy levels. Common thyroid problems are over- or under-production of hormones01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

Is cycling really a good way to get fit It's the only exercise I'm likely to keep up

asks jayne b-t:A. Cycling is a great way to keep fit, and it's a pity that most of the cycles in this country aren't used very much. There's an estimated 27 million bikes in sheds across the UK - but01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

How can I get rid of the small red spots on the tops of my arms I've always had them and I can't get rid of them.

asks sporty:A. Some areas of the body can be prone to rough, dry and pimply skin and these areas need some extra attention. You will need to exfoliate your shoulders every day. Use a muslin cloth01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

Is it true that eating organic food stops you having a heart attack

asks rtell:A. There's no guarantee that it can stop them, but new research shows that eating organic food can reduce your risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. I thought it wasn't supposed to01:00 Mon 01st Apr 2002

Why do I put on a two or three pounds a day and lose it again through the night

asks modge:A. The reason for your weight changes is water. There is an amount of water in your system and it fluctuates over a 24-hour period. Q. It can't weigh that much surely A. You'd be01:00 Mon 01st Apr 2002

Is it really necessary for children to use cycle helmets Do they make a difference

asks Sporty:A. Yes, they do. In fact, official figures show that thousands of children are taken to hospital each year after cycle accidents on the roads, often with head injuries, and safety01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

Are there any benefits to exercising outdoors as opposed to in a gym

asks ursula: A. Lots. To begin with, we spend between 80% and 90% of our time indoors, on average, and that alone can encourage ill health. A study by Harvard University found that people who worked01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

What is a manic depressive

asks artisan:A. Someone who suffers from manic depression, or bipolar affective disorder. He or she will have extreme mood swings, but how long they last varies on the individual. In the depressive01:00 Mon 25th Mar 2002

Is it true that taking St John's Wort means the pill doesn't work

asks Mayastar:A. You're talking about a recent report from Sweden where two women who were on the Pill became pregnant after taking St John's Wort for mild depression. There have been similar reports01:00 Wed 28th Aug 2002

Does anyone know any sensible home remedies for headaches other than taking tablets

asks angiecashen:A. First, do you know what is causing your headaches For example, they might be related to an allergy. If you have other allergies, such as hay fever, this is quite possible. Then it01:00 Mon 18th Mar 2002

Is there any evidence that prayer affects your health

asks pathfinder: A. Yes, there is. There have been quite few clinical trials to test the power of intercessory prayer or distant healing - where other people pray for someone's wellbeing - and the01:00 Mon 18th Mar 2002

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