Splitting the household bills

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sunchime | 16:21 Tue 17th Feb 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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How do you and your partner split the bills in your home? Is it 50/50 or is it in comparison to what you earn? Does one of you pay the mortgage and the other one do bills??

I'm just wondering how other people do this, as I am starting a course in Sept and so will only be working part-time but my partner will continue to work full-time and at the moment we do everything 50/50 (even though he earns more than I do) and I was wondering if our 50/50 arrangement would continue. We are both on modest wages, so it's not as if one could pay 100% of everything� I just wondered how everyone else did all this.



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We do it in comparison to what we earn. Hubby earns almost twice what I do.
We pay everything equal even though one of us is a much higher earner than the other. Think it depends on your relationship with each other as well as your respective attitudes to money.

Good luck with your course!
We have always split everything 50/50. In fact even before we lived together he had a car on finance and we paid for it together using money from our joint account.
All the bills go out of a joint account now and both our wages are lumped together and controlled by me!! He has to ask me for money!
Hey sunchime,

My partner gets paid around 5 times the amount I do each month, so 50/50 wouldnt really work as although im in quite a well paid job, 50/50 wouldnt really work!

He has the rent, water, gas & electric, council tax and everything apart from the Virgin media bill coming out of his account, (along with �400 a month for my car lol!)

But we very much have joint finances anyway, so apart from the bills, it just depends who gets paid when as to whos account we use when buying everything.

Apparently seems a strange way of doing things, but my wages wouldnt cover 50% of our monthly bills! Especially as our leccie bill is just short of �190 a month and the rest are pretty close!
I get paid monthly so all the bills come out of my wages by Direct Debit. Mr Bagpuss gets paid fortnightly so we live off his money during the month for food shopping, petrol etc and we both have a card for his bank account so I just get cash out when I need it. I am th one who really controls the money tho through internet banking, I do move money around to where its needed. We have never discussed who pays for what as it has never been 'his money' and 'my money' it is just 'our money'.
We have a joint account and everything comes out of that.
We earn the same & I buy the food etc... he pays the bills - it works out virtually equal and whatever we have left we spend as we like. Seperate bank accounts etc..
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Splitting the household bills

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