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Forgotten | 21:38 Tue 06th Jan 2009 | Relationships & Dating
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my friend tell me all the time that she has an orgasm problem, she has had a boyfriend for 10 months and cannot have an orgasm during sex, and belives there is something wrong with her and has come to me for help but i have no idea what to say to do i help her understand that it is not that easy and give her some advice on how she can get an orgasm in sex? HELP!


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is she wanting you to give her an organism ?
many women dont orgasm through intercourse, but there are many ways to bring an orgasm, oral stimulation is a good one!! failing that I could always give her a hands on lesson!!
beejay you think a gardening programme might help? hmm you are clever, I never thought of that
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no not me, she wants advice from me on how she can get one during sex...i thought some people on here could help me out and tell her what to do? :)
windup alert
I hope your friend is not 15, like you are, but that's just my opinion!

she probably isn't having an orgasm, because both her and her boyfriend are inexperienced . Perhaps her boyfriend does not know where her Clitoris is, or how to stimulate it.

Communication is the key.
velvetee, I have seen and read many of your answers and you are clearly an expert on the clitoris and orgasms. Your partner is a lucky guy and all the very best for the impending birth.
Thanks Squad. But as a woman, it is important to know one's body. Without this knowledge and the ability to communicate with a partner, then a sexlife will be very unfulfilling.
Why didn't we meet years ago? LOL.
Most women know where their clitoris is sqad. It's not a mystery to us.only you blokes seem to need a map as to where it is, so the easiest answer to this question your man which buttons to press girls. If you are still stuck then buy a manual................yes you guys.....there are manuals for sex besides manuals for cars!!
read it together and have some fun practising what turns each other on.
daniela.......confused by your you mean that the clitoris is in a different place when you are in a car....hence the 2types of manuals.
Punctuation is the key! lol
experience brings orgasms. Read Karma-sutra and try different ways but remember if you want orgasms YOU have to help yourself.....tell/ask the OH your 'pleasurable' needs during intercourse.
So women have orgasms too ?�
To the above. clearly :P:) hahaha

Is your friend maybe new to sex ? if so then that could be it. the first couple of times i had sex i didnt orgasm. but then as me and my boyfirnd got more experienced it just happned :) And yeah it helped telling him how to (blushes hehe ) go/ move so maybe just tell your mate that :) hehe

hope ive helped
Hi :-)

I had this same problem with an x-boyriend!

Some girls can orgasm from internal stimulation (g-spot) whilst others can only orgasm from Clitoris stimulation (like me!) I solved my little problem by going on top!!
That way the Clitoris will rub against his skin & your on your way to cloud 9! lol

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