How To Mend A Broken Heart.../daily Mail Article

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AvaD | 00:18 Sun 08th Feb 2015 | Relationships & Dating
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So I was just reading a daily mail article about how women are more susceptible then men to snoop on their partner. This hit me because today I did just that. Me and my 'boyfriend' we're going through a rough patch but spoke only today about how to move on and that he still loved and wanted to be with me. So when I see him on facebook (he never uses account) I feel slightly suspicious. I asked outright if he'd gone on there to message anyone he outright denied it. So I logged onto his account and saw that wasn't the case, he hit out at me for going on there despite the fact I'd caught him out and has now cut me out my life and I believe he's still messaging this girl. She's a girl he works with and the messages were awkward flirty exchanges. I just feel although I sneaked, I had good mind to. Does that justify it? I feel so lost and heart broken that he can just finish it and go to someone else that quick. first love, first boyfriend, first broken heart :(


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oh dump the loser
Time to move on...
If you distrust him enough to snoop on his FB account, it's time to move on. You'll get over it - if this is your first boyfriend, as you say, chalk it up to experience. It's hard, but it happens.
my old gran used to say, when I got dumped ---- stand at the bus lovey there will be another one along in a minute !
Your instinct told you that there was something not quite right, always go with your instinct in matters of the heart, you were right so move on asap.
if we were honest any woman / man would look at the phone of their partner if they could do it without being caught..................and really they all should................................... you should be able to check.............if they leave their phone available .................more fool them........because if you want to hide what you doing will......if you don't then you want to be caught.................... so don't feel bad if you looked and found what you found.................... if he didn't want you find it believe me he would/could have hidden it he wanted to be foundllllllllllllllllll

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How To Mend A Broken Heart.../daily Mail Article

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