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My girlfriend has left me!

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pottypeach | 00:51 Sat 24th Nov 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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That's right she has left me for a man she met on the internet playing a game she bought for me. I'm devastated to say the least but this guy lives in mainland Europe, they have been getting closer over the past few months. They have never met in person but I think he is coming over to England to spend christmas with her. Today I found a love letter that she has written to him telling how much she loves him, what a really cool guy he is, how she cant wait to see him and how she intends to fight to keep their relationship working etc, he must have sent her pictures of him i the shower because she speaks of wanting to get her ands all over his showered body. Although the break-up is somewhat recent I dont worry about this letter, she hasnt sent it to him, and Im only suspecting that he will come over at Christmas. We have been dating for four years and then she dropped this on me out of the blue. do you think this kind of long distance relationship will work?


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are you upset because she is playing with your game with someone else?
It can work PP, but what have you been doing in the past 4 years? you must have been neglecting her or she wouldn't be looking for thrills elseware. I'm afraid I lay this in your lap my love.

Such Sugar.
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Give me a moment whilst I polish my crystal ball.....

We can't answer this because we have no knowledge of the relationship your ex-girlfriend has with this chap.

Some long distance relationships work and some don't. Much the same as boy next door relationships.
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it appears from your post that she has looked for affection from this other person due to your lack of interest, you also seem to have gone through her stuff.
Do you think that if he comes over for christmas that you will end up doing the washing up.
And yes a long distance relationship can work imo.
Are the photo's really of him you hear of so much skullduggery on the internet these days
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I didnt go through her stuff I found the letter when I was looking for my trainers that were in the wardrobe we still currently share. I far as I was aware we were perfectly happy, we went through the same ups and downs as every other couple but I wouldn't have said there was anything wrong with our relationship. I wasn't bothered about her playing the game, I thought it was good that we had a similar interest in it. I can get the "getting attention elsewhere" aspect of this, and if I wasnt doing my bit, well thats something I have to work on.She has decided to move out of our home and she has got herself a bedsit. So I predict when the reality of the situation kicks in and she is sat alone in her little hovel she will see what a mistake she has made, that maybe things weren't so bad with me after all, realistically how many opportunities will they have of seeing each other throughout the year, not many, I know she wont be able to afford to go out there much becuse she doesn't have a passport and she cant afford the flights, I fear this will all end terribly for her. I will be there to pick up the pieces and help her through it, I'm not a sucker I love her.
My girlfriend has left me!

I didnt go through her stuff I found the letter when I was looking for my trainers that were in the wardrobe we still currently share.

It must be a nightmare for her when she needs something out of your shared wardrobe.
she has moved out so she can spend xmas with her new beau and not you, whats to stop him paying for her passport and air fare in future ?only time will tell.How do you know she has not sent a similar/better letter than the one you "found" ? she might live in a hovel [ how do you know ?] but obviously it must be better than living with you or she wouldnt be there.
Move on.
Sorry to hear about your situation pottypeach and I can never understand how women and guys can be so fickle and "BE IN LOVE" with a person they have never met.
Do yourself a favour let her move on,don't contact her and don't put your life on hold for her.
Be thankful you weren't married because she would have done the same you can guarantee.

Good Luck for the future.

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My girlfriend has left me!

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