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Should I just forget about him?

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tokyopopqueen | 01:53 Wed 25th Jul 2012 | Relationships & Dating
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I used to go out with this boy when I was 13 but i broke up with him because I wasnt allowed to date then. We talked rarely after that and I even apologized to him again about it because I felt so bad about breaking up with someone I liked. We're 17 now and I still have strong feelings for him but Im extremely shy and didnt know how to tell him, so I asked my sister to. She asked him "Do you like my sister?" and he said"She isn't ugly but I'm not looking for anybody." Then she said "Well she likes you." After that he got my number from her and he said he would text or call me but it has been two days. I wished I could have had the courage to tell him but its too late now and Im really starting to feel that he just did it so she didn't have to come back to me to tell me something bad. Should I let him go or should I actually get some courage and go after him?


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Let him go - he was probably only being tactful - if not, he will get in touch - two days is NOTHING.
Don't bother, tokyo - look for other friends. He says he's not looking for anyone, if he rings (and that's a big IF) it'll only be as a friend. You need to expand your circle of friends, you can't hanker after this chap any longer.
Hi tokyo he has your number leave it up to him, don't ever appear desperate and chase him, like he said he isn't looking for anyone, you are both young so enjoy life look to the future not the past x
Let it go, if he does contact you then it's a bonus, if it doesn't then you've moved on regardless and aren't spending more time being miserable about him.
\\\\ Should I let him go or should I actually get some courage and go after him?\\\

Only two possibilities:

You sit back and wait for him to come to you.

You contact him.

If you want him, then the latter is the obvious solution.

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Should I just forget about him?

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