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piersporterh | 22:19 Tue 22nd Feb 2005 | Body & Soul
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everytime I get nervous, I come out in a horrible blotchy red rash on my neck and chest and when it's really bad it goes down my arm.  I always try to cover my neck as much as possible but it affects me when i go out, say to a party or club.  Does anybody else suffer from this and if so, what helps?


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You'll laugh, but this question comes up quite regularly on the "Ask the Editor" columns on various bridal glossy magazines...  unfortunately I can't remember what they recommend, not having had the problem myself; I have a feeling they recommend anti-histamines.
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yeh, i have heard that before, another thought was to perhaps try hypnotherapy as it could be something to do with my "sub-conscious" that makes me react this way.

It might also be your age - some people have a histamine imbalance in their eary 20s, which results in painful rashes when hot, nervous or stressed.  When I had it my GP was no use whatsoever, so paid 75 quid to see a specialist, who prescribed stronger anti-histamines and at least gave me the re-assurance it would (only) last 12-18 months

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I get a rash on my elbows and arms when I'm stressed about things.  It's really horrible, I totally sympathise.  I normally mix germaline ointment with an unscented body lotion and use that.  it helps a bit to bring down the redness.  I warn you though, it has quite a strong smell and if the skin is broken it can sting quite a bit.  You could try going to the chemist and asking a pharmasist, they should be able to help.
oh my go the exact same thing happens to me and i try to wear high neck tops and jumpers although when im going out i seem to become more aware of it which makes it worse.  i dont know if it is always nerves as sometimes i think i feel ok but still geta rash!  oh well, nice to know im not the only one!  hope we get to the bottom of it one day eh!
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 I get the exact same rash everytime i get uptight or nervous. My GP recommended beta blocker tablets which do help but i dont like taking tablets when i go out. Anybody out there that can help?

I have the same problem! In certain situations my face neck and chest turn brite red and when the redness starts fading it gets really blotchy. I dont know what its from, and it happens all the time. It happeneds to me , when i ask questions, when i cry, when i go to a club or a bar, when i drink (even a sip of alcohol), when i eat or drink something hot, when i talk to people I dont know, when I talk to managers. When I talk about my chest getting red and sometimes for no reason at all. I feel it is rewening my life. I feel uncomfortable all the time and even dropped out of highschool, partially because of this reason. In some of these incidents people ask me if someone slapped me on my chest, if iv'e been scratching my neck, or if i feel ok? Sometimes (Just in good fun) people think its funny to say to there friends. Watch Kari turn red! And that makes me very embarrest and i turn red.

Does anyone else have this problem and is it this bad. Please help I feel nervous all the time and its only getting worse.

i have exactly the same symptoms my face goes hot then the rash starts on my neck sometimes it only lasts a few minuits sometimes im hot for over an hour.i've had to stop drinking i avoid going out with friends to any bars or pubs incase it happens, i even avoid eating infront of people because my face and neck flushes also if im stressed or upset it happens, i have been to my doctor about it before but he didn't know much about it he prescribed propananol (beta blockers) to see if they would help they do a little but i sometimes still get the rash im going back next week to see if he can look in to it a bit more , i have heard of a treatment called "intense pulsed therepy" not available on nhs though about�450 for 20 min treatment apparently it can reduce the facial fushing not sure about the neck rash if anyone knows anymore about it please let me know

Hey ya i get that too. I usually get it when i am stressed or or lets say nervous. I sometimes wear makeup on my chest and neck area that works pretty good but it is also a subconsious thing to ya kno? So when your in a sitiuation that your nervous or stressed out calm your self down and the rash i have usually fades.
I, too, suffer from this condition. I suggest trying to reduce stress by getting into a hobby like knitting or crochet. The repetitive motions naturally calm people down. Also, you have to realize that you can get better. The whole "red blotchy" whatever is just a small bit of it. The rest is your mindset. Believe me, I was in the same exact place as you not more than a year and a half ago. If you get nervous about something, push through it anyway. I did this when I had a really important presentation. I tried so hard to have eye contact and all of that---and I found that I did quite well! It helped me be less nervous about presentations. The more I do presentations, the less nervous I am. I still get the red blotchy rash, but not nearly as often. It can be tough to change your mindset on it, so I suggest investing in things like calming moisturizers, and cosmetic cover up (if you want to go that route). Those things help out a lot. If no one else can see it, it's kind of like it's not even there. Good luck with it.
Hi guys

Like many of you this rash has completely torn my life apart to the point were i neally fell into depression. Natural therapys and relaxation techniques while they are a good suggestion they simply didn't work for me. Any situation that puts me out of my comfort zone or simply gives me an incling of nervous tension my neck, face and chest would errupt into a see of hot throbbing redness. Finally getting enough courage to go see my doctor and informing him of my symptoms he told me that when you are nervous or indugling in alcahol or stressed your adrenal glands secrete adrenalin making your heart rate increase and blood rush to those irritating un wanted areas. He perscribed me with a drug to block my adrenal gland so that it would secrete only a third of the adrenalin it usually does in those more trying situation. While this drug is not 100% I find that the rash is occuring now only once a fortnight and much less severe compared to everyday. I have been experimenting with the drug and find that higher and lower doses work very effectively in certain situations it really calms you down. Unfortunatley I don't have it with me right now I just ran out and cannot remember the name but I promise if anyone is interested I will certainly get back to you with a name upon filling my next perscription. Good luck to you all my heart really goes out to you I am also living this nightmare.
I get this too, and I have been to dermatologists and lots of doctors. They all said it is hereditary, which makes sense because the same thing happened to my mom. The clinic reason was that some of us are just born with our blood vessels closer to the surface of our skin. Whenever i get the least bit nervous or excited, my whole body warms up then i get these red blotches all over my chest and upper arms. The best thing i've learned to do it to go into a quiet place and sit down and place a cold cloth on your chest for ten to fifteen minutes and try to control your breathing. If you can calm down your heart rate, your blood will move away from the surface of your skin and the blotches will disappear. i understand a quiet place isn't really reasonable when you are at a bar or club, but even a bathroom stall for a few minutes will help. And if nothing else bring a jacket you can throw on if the blotches won't go away.
i have the exact same thing. its absolutely the worst. today at school i was just sitting in my seat and bam my friend goes why is there a huge blotch on your neck. i go to the bathroom and the size of a baseball, redder than a cherry is on my neck. i didnt have a sweat shirt so i had to wear my coat the rest of the day n tell people i was just cold even tho it was burning hot. whenever a teacher calls on me my face turns bright red. its ridiculous. my mom talked to the doc n she said theres nothing i can do but calm myself down. ik theres something i can do so please help. if im at the movies with a guy or to many people i always end up wit the "nervous rash" on my neck n my cheeks are flushed. im made fun of it constantly and i cant public speak. im not a shy person n if im with my friends i can sing and dance and it doesnt happen at all! but with a guy or in a class or sometimes just on the volleyball court i turn bright red. im so sick of it so pleaseeee im begging someone let me know what i can do to prevent this. HELP!
This used to happen to me almost everday, it didn't matter what kind of situation i was in. Even if i didn't realise it was happening to me the rash would appear and someone would tell me. The solution for me was Loreal Sublime Tan...i know it seems weird but think what you liked it worked for me and i love it xxx
Hey I have this same problem!! I hate it and no one I know has it or understands I have delt with it through high school and college.... but I am getting married and there is no covering it up then. I have no idea what im gonna do and my friends have been asking. If any one has any advice please let me know I plan on seeing my doc soon if I find out anything ill let you know!
I am 42 and I've suffered form the red splotches and rash since i was about 14 or 15 yrs old. I get it on my neck, chin and chest, and it is the most embarrasing thing I've ever had. No one seems to know about anything to help it, I find it hard to believe in this day and age that there's not a pill or treatment for it. I've avoided sooo many things I can't even keep track, I avoid going out to eat with people because it happens and then if someone makes a comment it makes it a million times worse. I've avoided parties, dates, etc cuz I'm so embarrassed. Telling you to calm down or take a deep breath does not work at all. There needs to be something to control it out there somewhere?? I will post anything I find and if anyone finds and info please post it too! Thank you!!
I am 17 years old and I also suffer from this. I love acting and am a very confident person around my friends and most people but whenever I am asked a question in class, talking to a guy i like, say something wrong or even see someone i know not in school i break out into a ras on my neck, chest and sometimes arms. My face goes bright red, almost purple and everyone just stares. People never used to notice as much as they do now and everyone is always asking what's wrong with me... and I don't even know?! Someone help!
Same story here! It started happening in high school, i would go red faced quite easily when asked a question in class or if the attention was on me. Now I am 5 years out of high school and the redness has increasingly got worse. My neck breaks out in a really hot heat rash it seems-it spreads across my chest. i love winter because i could wear a big scarf and have all the confidence in the world knowing that know one could see it. But now its summer I cannot get away with that any more. I saw my doctor about it and he suggested Inderal and it has defiantely helped. The redness still happens often although i have found that i need to take the tablet (sometimes two tablets) at least half and hour before i think i am going to be in a situation where i will be nervous or 'all eyes are on me'. It does rule my life, as i am a confident and out going person however feel i need to avoid certain situations so i dont make a scene with my red face and neck. Not all is lost...Speak to your doctor about Inderal it has helped me!

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