judging someone based on appearance

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liquidspace | 12:14 Thu 25th Feb 2010 | Body & Soul
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Just trying to get opinions on something.
If you saw a man who was heavily tattooed, all over legs, arms, hands and bit of neck what would you think of that person? Would you judge them?


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if thats all there was to go on, ie they didnt speak, had no expression in face, eyes blank, then yes i would judge on that alone and would probably be wary of them.
Nope....his choice...his body.
unfortunately people will always judge tattoed people ,as a man with quite a few it annoys me ,i get it all the time in the gym you can see the look on peoples faces and that they have already made an opinion well how about talking to me and then you will find out that not all tattooed people are [email protected]*kwits !!
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Whats a really interesting question is where does that judgement come from!?

so in your example you're wary of a man with lots of tattoos....Well what does the tattoos tell you about that person? Why would you be wary of them?
I wouldn't like the look, but I wouldn't be judgemental if they were just acting normally. But would agree with Red and add that even without the tattoos, blank eyesno expression would make me wary. ;o(
true, and how many people dont speak or have any expressions?

im not keen on tattoos, never have been, but even i know that tattoos dont make a person any different to how theyd be without.
I would probably greet them and give them a massive hug as based on that description you're referring to my (prospective) brother in law.
Have to agree with Chris......i know a few who do have a lot of tattoo's......really lovely fella's, if you know they do get a raw deal, i think.
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I ask because I met this man as above and personally don't really like the look of lots of tattooes (hardly any skin visible) but he is a really nice guy and someone I want to remain good friends with. Am just thinking that everywhere we go he will get people looking at him and judging him.

Made me think that its strange how we instantly judge what someone is like based on their appearance.
I have to be honest and say that if it were a woman tattoed in the same way I would be judgemental.
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He also has huge holes in his ears from the "plug" that he used to wear. He is now 48....I love the individualism aspect of it but its really made me think about this kind of thing.
Wouldn't judge him... I'd probably ask him if I could have a closer look...
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Hi liquidspace,

As you say, you've met this man and he's a really nice guy and you'd like to stay friends with him...........Who gives a flying fig what other people think?....and remain the best of the friends......and if people stare.....just ignore them :0)
I wouldn't judge him about the holes in his ears, but as that makes me feel extremely ill to see and makes my knees go wobbly, then I wouldn't even have the chance to get to know him. - same applies to any face, tongue piercings, etc. I don't exaggerate - I really do feel very queasy. My problem I suppose not their's!
I don't love David Beckham Vibra! ;o)
Wouldn't make any judgement about anyone with tattoos--- it is entirely up to them , it's their body.
'I grew up in a era when they were associated with criminals and "hardmen" '

^^^ Does that mean I could be a criminal or a 'ardman... I quite like that idea!

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judging someone based on appearance

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