Hairy Men

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liquidspace | 12:08 Thu 25th Feb 2010 | Body & Soul
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What to do with them! I love cuddles but its like hugging a hedgehog as he shaved it all off and it grows back. To shave or not to shave that's the question. If it grows back longer will it not be prickly still?


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What are you making him shave for?! They're generally more hairy than us and it's wussy to shave!

(Unless of course he has a hairy back or butt which is rather minging in which case send him to the waxers as stubble is limited).
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I never made him shave. Only just met him and its what he does. He is hairy all over.
Bless... I'd encourage him to grow his chest hair if it were me but then I like chest hair :c)

I'd still send him to the waxers as eventually it'll be really thin but I guess if he shaves everyday then it's like shaving your legs everyday and that generally feels quite smooth.... The proof will be in the hugging, invest in rose cutting gloves! ;0)
Don't shave him - exfoliate him with one of those multi-plucking ladies doodads. Especially if he has been naughty as the screaming agony involved will teach him a lesson - plus the re-growth is softer, not prickly.
Lucky you! :0)

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Hairy Men

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