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sahida | 11:47 Wed 09th Dec 2009 | Body & Soul
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thankyou for the info, with regars to my "Q" abt cancer, any idea as to what to excpect, they have told her she will be needing 6 treatments overall, are we buying time here!!!!!!!!! she has just moved from london to up north(preston), for a better Q nQ time with her husband and kids, i shall be very gratefull for any info. THANKS, in case you havent been told this already YOU are CREDIT to "AB"


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I need more information as the A,B,C staging just gives local spread. You must find out if there is distant spread and this is indicated in Stage 1, 2 or3.

Your sister is C, but that doesn't tell me if it is 1C,2C or 3C

Sorry to be dogmatic , but when you see the survival rates as shown below, you will see how important it is:

75% to 95% for stage 1
50% for stage 2
30% for stage 3
less than 5% for stage 4

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