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Dog bite...

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lovefoolb4u | 22:25 Tue 08th Dec 2009 | Body & Soul
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Just bent down to clap a dog and felt a nip but didn't really think about it, now back home and see that it is bleeding. Not deep by any means but there is some blood.
Do I visit the doctor just in case??


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Hi lovefool, have you had your tetanus jab in the last 10 years? I would maybe make an appt just in case-bettersafe than sorry :) Hoe you're OK.
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Thanks for the answer. i think i've probably had the jab in the past 10 years as I'm only 19... it really is shallow, sort of paper-cut-esque, tiny bit deeper!
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any more answers? not that yours wasn't good leelapops it's just to see what others think i should do!
If i were u i would go see a doc whenever you can even if u have had the jab, like leelapops said, better safe than sorry.
Phone the doctors surgery in the morning. The receptionist will tell you if you're up to date with your tetanus. If you are up to date clean the area very well with cooled boiled salted water...
cooled boiled salted water, wow, ummmm u certainly know ur stuff. I would never have thought to do that.
It works.

It should be fresh boiled water...not re boiled.
If you haven't had a tetanus shot in the precceding 5 years you can get one within 48 hours of exposure and still be protected... however, if you can you must certainly check to see if the dog has current rabies shots. Exposure to rabies entails a painful series of shots administered usually near the wound site that takes nearly a month to complete... not fun... get it checked out...
If you have some White Vinega dab a wee drop on any small wounds to sterilise and kill germs.
Sorry for sounding dumb but what is clapping a dog?
Clannad...are you in England? We don't have rabies far anyway.
No, ummm... in the western U.S. I had no idea that rabies could be entirely eliminated in any population. We have rabies in bats, skunks, racoons and other wild animals which can be transmitted to dogs (and humans). Not enough to be overly concerned, but it does raise it's ugly head from time to time...
ummmm rabies isn't entirely unknown in the UK - I think the last case was in Scotland 6 or 7 years ago when a handler was bitten by a bat. But you are right in that the quarantine regulations and the requirements for the animal passports do keep it out of the UK.
A woman in Northern Ireland died of rabies this year. It is believed she caught it in South Africa.

I don't mean to worry you at all lovefool! I'm just adding to Clanad and Huderons comments.
It is believed she caught it in South Africa.

^^ so don't worry...
Exactly ummmm. Clean the wound and check your tetanus status with your GP in the morning.
Still waiting for the clap, so to speak
Lol...that can be arranged :-)
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hahaha clapping a dog is just giving it a pat and scratch i suppose.

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Dog bite...

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