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Flatter stomach needed today!!!!

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redsquare008 | 12:47 Sat 10th Oct 2009 | Body & Soul
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I am going out tonight and wearing a rather tight 'body con' dress. This is fine and I am vaguely happy with how it looks when I have tried it on, but the night out also involves a large meal, and after this and a few glasses of wine, I'm not sure the look will work quite the same!

I have the posture thing (standing up straight etc) sorted as well as a pair of 'fat pants', but if anyone has any additonal tips to stop the bloating, and keep my stomach looking as flat as possible, that would be great!

I have one of those belts that you wear when doinjg exercise to lose water around the stomach area, would it be worth going for a run wearing that this afternoon??


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gosh, surely you know you're not going to achieve much within a few hours!

don't eat or drink too much. wear a different dress? ;o)
Hi redsquare008, the belt will help you lose some fluids which may make you feel slimmer but as soon as you drink something you'll be back to square one. Wear something comfortable and enjoy your evening without worrying.
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I know I won't be able to achieve major results in terms of flattening my stomach but am more keen to know how I can avoid bloating as much as possible. I am really keen to wear the dress so not wearing it isn't really an option, but am loving the idea of wearing a really loose comfortable outfit so I can eat as much as possible!!
What are these belt things?
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I think it's called a fitness belt or something like that. The idea is that it is fastene around that area.d tightly around your waist and makes that area sweat, thus making the that are lose any water retention It also has magnets attached to the inside, which massage the stomach and improves circulation to that area, thus burning off fat in that area when you exercise. It does work, but not as well as it professes to! I've definitely noticed an improvement since using it though, although you do really need to use it whilst you are doing CV exercise.
Where did you get it? Can you prance rond in it as I do a body combat class that is very enegetic but good CV exercise.
Drink lots of hot water and lemon, or nettle tea if you have it - it will clean out the bowels.
Even tight-corsetted Victorian maidens could only keep their 18-inch waists, without exploding, by having a teeny baby bird appetite when invited to a dinner. The trick was apparently to have a doorstep butty in the afternoon, let it go down, then get strapped into the gear and only nibble on lettuce and sip a thimbleful of sweet sherry during the evening.
It's simple physics - if it goes in, in stays in till it comes out - so your choices are to keep your jaws closed or wear a roomy kaftan. I know which I'd do!
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Flatter stomach needed today!!!!

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