sexless relationships

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sidewinder86 | 21:54 Fri 24th Jul 2009 | Body & Soul
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Could you or do you, live in a sexless relationship?
How important is sex in a relationship to you?
Ladies... if your guy became impotant, how do you deal with it (no viagra jokes, pleeeeease)
Gents... if you lady went of sex (for whatever reason) how would you deal with it?
If your partner went of sex and put off seeking any kind of help, how would you react?
Gay / lesbian couples, same question, how do you deal with it?
On a similar note, how do you deal with a partner who isnt as sexually adventurous as your self, eg. you like different positions whereas your partner will only make love in one position?
Thanks for any (useful) replies.


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ok.....lots of questions..... here goes....

1. i dont think so, i'd find it verrrrry hard..... (or not very, as the case may be.... sorry couldnt resist)

2. Very important, if i dont get any satisfaction, i'm a moody mare.....

3. I have no idea, hasnt happened, but i'd be sad, prob try everything i could to help, but its down to him i guess, maybe relate sexual councling

4. doesnt apply obviously...

5. no idea....

6. I'd have an issue with it. i'd get very bored. i'd keep trying to get him to experiment, but i dont think it would work in the long run, even if i did really love him!

helps? hope so!

is this about you? if so, good luck!

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I dunno but I think it would be really hard. Has your partner lost confidence?
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Going WILD with your partner is the best thing ever.

It's so important to totally let go with each other.

If you take the lead, your partner might follow ...

... eventually.

Question Author
"is this about you?"
partly, but about conversations with friends as well.
1. I don't but if I was forced into due to an accident then I would but would have to buy alot of batteries.

2.I'm not sure it's important see it as an extention of our love

3.I'd talk about it and probably have alot of massages etc

4.I'd be wondering why but not sure what I 'd do.

5.I'd try to find out why - while I was swinging from the chandelier I don't know anyone who just uses one position though.

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" Going WILD with your partner is the best thing ever. "
If only ?
Question Author
cath, Ive just spat my drink out reading your 'buy a lot of battries' comment.
When I was in a sexless relationship I did try to convince myself it didnt matter. But it did we did split up by his chioce I soon relaised it was the best thing to do as I did affexct me mentally feeling very rejected and un worthy of loving through it
sidewinder86.....have you been too long in the pub?
Well I must be different from the majority on here then, because yes, I could live in a sexless relationship if, for instance, my husband had an accident or was unable to do the deed. I wouldn't leave him because of it - and no, I wouldn't play away with anyone else.
If it was just impotence, there are ways to overcome it.
As for a partner who isn't as sexuially adventurous as yourself - well all it takes is to tell and show the guy what you want - and then lead by example!
Now for a males answer to all you sexy ladies, and don`t assume that I am making excuses for myself as I have four children and as a former coach driver probably ........nuff said about that, but sometimes a man can be `put off`` for a very slight reason which he won`t disclose to his partner, ie: bad breath, BO, or that he just isn`t aroused by you anymore. So don`t be too soon in blaming his ability as he may find another that does it for him. .......Then again he may be gay. lol
There are other reasons for sexless no longer love the other person.....and will not have sex with them just to please yourself. There are other ways to do that...and possibly more satisfying if you no longer feel anything for your partner.
I thought this was just a question about getting married .

Order a new model, you would not keep an old washer if it didnt work
That is cruel blackie......if it is a physical problem-then care,patience and understanding is needed. NOT rejection.
lol, I'm not cruel.
If he couldn't do the deed I'd stick by him. In my opinion it's not so much the sex that's important but the love and affection that goes with it. I could have sex every night and then go weeks without but I'm loved and cuddled all the time.

I do think it's very important though.

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