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getting my eyes tested and getting glasses/contacts

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what..the? | 11:45 Thu 26th Mar 2009 | Body & Soul
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hello I am struggling to see so Im going to get my eyes tested.

What is the best highstreet opticans in your view?
and what is your view on contacts v's glasses?
I dont want surgery.

Thanks in advance
from a blind person


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Thank you so much for all the answers it has been very useful to hear what you all have to say.

I went to vision express at dartford bluewater centre as I was away on a little holiday break there.

It was so good,, the people were so friendly and so good at their job, well better than many companies these days who have terrible customer service. I can't remeber being treated so well.

Anyway my vision wasnt good I was recommended glasses at least to start with to get my eyes used to the new vision. I was recommended to wear them most the time as well due to the fact on top of my short sightedness I also have an oval shape eye with means all my vision close up and distance is partally blurred.

Well i chose some glasses, I well I actually like weraing them as a fasion statement I went for quite an 'out thereish' pair and with the lenses and some �25 2 year cover came to about �250.

I plan not to wear them all the time though just for like reading and watching tv etc. Because my main worry would be that people meeting me for the first time will see me with glasses and then when I dont wear them I will look weird, if that makes sense.

Havent you ever seen people who normally wear glasses suddenly take them off and well they look different almost in a bad way, I dont know why?

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getting my eyes tested and getting glasses/contacts

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