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getting my eyes tested and getting glasses/contacts

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what..the? | 11:45 Thu 26th Mar 2009 | Body & Soul
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hello I am struggling to see so Im going to get my eyes tested.

What is the best highstreet opticans in your view?
and what is your view on contacts v's glasses?
I dont want surgery.

Thanks in advance
from a blind person


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Dont go to specsavers like a cattle market,for great service i went with vision express!!
I would also advise against Specsavers.
I need them for computer work but they gave me the wrong glasses and charged for tinting (as in sunglasses) which I didn't need!
After complaining had to go back for another eye test (foc), was given a new prescription and had to have lenses in the glasses changed.
I also had trouble with specsavers but got good service from vision express. Believe Boots are good as well.
There are a couple of things to bear in mind:
the quality of optometrists is governed by their own professional body, so they all have a high level of basic skill, but some are better than others. Where the division lies between adequate and excellent lies in their ability to communicate with people, their patience and so on.

Specsavers is one of many chains that because of their size end up relying on locum optometrists - there is so much work that the original person who opened the branch is either putting their feet up, or just too busy to see everyone. So naturally you may (only may) get less excellent service from a locum than from someone who owns and runs a practice. I find my local specsavers optometrists are excellent - but I won't buy my frames or lenses there. I just have the eye tests and say thank you. I do however get my contact lenses there.

Always ask for a copy of your prescription when you have had an eye test. It is your property.

You are free to buy your lenses and frames or your contact lenses anywhere. Some practices try to move you slickly on to their dispensing optician (the person who flogs glasses to you) with an implication that 'now you should select.....' but don't bow to that pressure. if you like what you see, have it, if you don't , take your prescription and shop elsewhere.

(to be continued)
Optician practises tend to mutually protect each other by insisting you have a new eye test if you go to them to buy specs. You may have to pay for this. However, if either of your parents had glaucoma one eye test is free within a certain time period. Opticians appear not to share information about customers, so draw your own conclusions there.

Daily disposable contact lenses are brilliant, and you might want to weigh up the cost of these from an optician with the cost from somewhere like Asda online. However, which is suitable will depend on your eyes - if like me you have increasing need for reading glasses, contact lenses can be a nuisance - I find them great for everything except close work.
I go to D&A. They are very good in my opinion. I wear glasses but also have daily disposal lenses which I wear at weekends. Very helpful and informative staff.
Your question is out of order. You are not a blind person, and be thankful for that. If you are struggling with your eyesight, then you may be considered partially sighted, but even that is doubtful if you have left it so long to think about having an eye-test. If this is not a wind-up, then you need to get an appointment as soon as possible.
Question Author
thank you for all the answers esp lil for such good detail there, I have booked an appointment with vison express

Schutzengel I think you need to calm down and put your feet up, you must be very over stressed to take such small jokes so seriously. If you find yourself doing this often I wouldnt leave the house or read the internet, because its a world of jokes, quips and pun's.
I am very pleased you have made an appointment, and hope all goes well. Jokes are fine, and often appreciated, mostly in chatterbank. I wasn't being horrible to you, but it just so happens that one of the contributors to this site is blind, and uses voice recognition to hear the messages.
Question Author
Thats ok I'm sorry I didnt mean to offend anyone, it wasnt my intention, but as a general rule I think everyone what ever their sex, race, abilities, social background, appearence they are they have to not take things to seriously otherwise we will all end up overstressed complainers sueing each other, and having to apologise for everything.

However I am sorry if I offended anyone.
I've always been happy with specsavers :-)
OK. Friends?
Question Author
lol yes
specsavers have always been fine for me..
I went to Asda Opticians.

Previously had been to Specsavers and felt it was a bit of a hard sell (where they try and flog you every weird and wonderful version of lens going, even if you don't need it). And I felt pressured to buy their glasses and I thought they masked over the pricing, so things turned out a hell of a lot more expensive than originally thought.

At Asda - perhaps they don't get commission or whatever - they were great, very friendly and helpful, no pressure. And cheap as well :o) The only downside my husband pointed out (as he went to Boots for his eye test / glasses) is that the equipment they use is not as state of the art as other places to conduct eye examinations. Personally it was fine for me and I got what I wanted and was very happy with the whole package.
I used to wear contacts all the time, however now I wear glasses - two reaasons - one is that there are potential dangers with contacts lens%20infections&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B 3GGGL_enGB278GB278&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&ta b=wi

Whilst these are very much the minority, personally I don't want to risk it - and for the same reason I wouldn't contemplate laser surgery.

The second reason I wear glasses is as a fashion statement. I have over 30 pairs and it is a great talking point (I run my own business and do a lot of networking).
I am so jealous! the cost point with my specs lies in the complex lenses - usually �400 a pop. If I didn't go for these my specs would look like Hans Moleman at his finest. No designer frame would dress them up.
I have always been very satisfied with Specsavers and I make sure I have the same optician whenever my glasses need renewing.
lil o lady - whilst I have 'normal' eyesight and just have single vision lenses, my wife has extra thin varifocals - and these cost about �200 with designer frames - try going to a local independent who doesn't offer eye testing - they are normally far cheaper (she used to pay circa �400 like you)
Vic, sadly the cost is through a cut-price outlet. I'm over minus 9 with complications, and 'under the hospital' for me eyes.

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getting my eyes tested and getting glasses/contacts

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