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Jan1957 | 07:25 Sun 08th Feb 2009 | Body & Soul
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I have only just found out that the woman who had the octuplets in USA with IVF treatment already had 6 children!!! As someone who had to go through this country's treatment of people who need IVF I am so ******** angry. How did she get this treatment?

I am so angry that I can't begin to talk about the tests and treatment that I had to go through with no success. The doctor who treated her thinks it was justified!!!


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Didn't she work there?
Are you in the USA, Jan?
It seems more likely she was taking ovarian stimulation drugs then used artificial insemination from a doner (I believe that's how some of her other children were concieved).

It's much harder to control and more risk of multiple births and a much cheaper option than full IVF treatment.

In the USA, it is likely she paid for it under their insurance system.
Thing is, the children now exist, so if everyone leaves the woman and her family alone they have a chance of being happy and normal. It is hard to understand the motivation of the mother but by her own admission she is slightly off-kilter in her craving for yet more babies.
According to the interview she gave, she's healthy and wanted lots of children. Has never claimed any social welfare benefits, and has lots of support from a large extended family. So I suppose she is entitled to her choice.
sorry jan, you come across as jealous ... What are you so angry about? She was a wman like you who wanted kids but couldn't have them naturally, so tried ivf, like you did. It worked for her. Her original 6 kids were also born by ivf. she just had a need to have children, like other people who go through ivf. Just had more than usual i suppose! I dont really understand how that isnt justified, but would be in somene elses case (yours) are you saying if someone gets a baby through ivf treatment, they cant want more?
so she is a single mother and she is relying on her parents to help her out - her mother was on the tv today saying her daughter can't look after them. Who can look after 14 children? Very selfish.

Her own mother says she shouldn't have had them
Question Author
Sorry to all those that answered but it took me a while to calm down. I hope you have all now read all the rest of the items that have been printed about this women.

If you have ever been through IVF treatment and know how difficult and upsetting it is you will understand why I felt the need to have a rant. To those that don't you will never understand.
I understand how you feel. Jan. I'v watched close friends and a family member, collapse in tears each month, or when IVF's failed. Having said that, I've seen IVF work, and the happiness of those who manage to get their wish is just wonderful. Don't begrudge other people what's out of your reach at the moment. I hope it happens for you, and then you'll also wish others the best of luck in the world. Having as many children as this woman has, seems irresponsible to many of us, but if just one of those little beings turns out well and contributes to society, the mother's done her job. x
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