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bleak future ? what do u think ?

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luckyman | 20:53 Mon 29th Sep 2008 | Body & Soul
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i would like to hear what all you people think the future holds for us...its looking pretty grim to me,im wondering am i the only one?obviously not...look at the uk/worldwide socks in the sea..oil reseves,,global warming,,wars,afganistan/iraq next iran/north korea....terrorism...

maybe i should spend all the money i have now and live it up for a while instead of saving for a rainy day..maybe i should turn to religion...maybe i should just put a rope up now......

what do you think the future holds for us all ???



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I try not to worry about things I can do little about.The credit crunch hasn't affected me greatly as I have no mortgage,loans or credit cards,we get by and that is fine by me.I have tried to do my bit for the environment by saving energy and recycling rubbish etc.If I sat here worrying about the future constantly then my life would be miserable.Make the best of what you have and you will be a far happier person.
4524 may with a bit of luck may have been the bottom

onwards and upwards!
luckyman, you remind me of me when I was 19. You've got to hang in there, mate. My old dad moans about the modern world but the world in his day was not a nice place either. And if we go back centuries, in the Middle Ages people thought the end of the world was near - they had war, famine, pestilence and death (the Black Death) on an unprecedented scale, like biblical prophecy. But hey - we're still here! I think you're going through a bad patch, mate. Avoid things that upset you for now like TV and newspapers. See your GP if you're depressed, give life a chance (sometimes it takes a long time) and you'll meet people and form relationships. Take care.
lol how can we be ignorant just because we dont let world affairs get to us the way they clearly get to you?

who has their head in the sand? I read the news, watch the news everyday! nothing ignorant about that.

you obviously cannot handle it so switch it off or stick to cbeebies
The methane is already starting to escape from the warming Arctic Ocean due to warming. We haven't seen anything yet.

We are totally screwed and it is way too little way too late. Meanwhile like other addicts the fissil fuel addicts are still pretending there isn't a problem.

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bleak future ? what do u think ?

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