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bleak future ? what do u think ?

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luckyman | 20:53 Mon 29th Sep 2008 | Body & Soul
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i would like to hear what all you people think the future holds for us...its looking pretty grim to me,im wondering am i the only one?obviously not...look at the uk/worldwide socks in the sea..oil reseves,,global warming,,wars,afganistan/iraq next iran/north korea....terrorism...

maybe i should spend all the money i have now and live it up for a while instead of saving for a rainy day..maybe i should turn to religion...maybe i should just put a rope up now......

what do you think the future holds for us all ???



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I'm with you . Don't know what it holds but I'm sure it's not good . This might interest you . Doubt if it will make you feel more positive but it makes a lot of sense to me .
the future holds nothing with your attitude, you have to look to the positives, life is not that bad and in actual fact some people live much harder lives without worrying about what is happening in other countries. If you spent some time visiting people with real problems you might appreciate all the positive things that you have going for you.
your a happy chap !!
hold on i am listening to George Bush!
Yeah- those fish socks- they whiff a bit don't they?
yep we're doomed!
we have lots to look forward to ..cold wet winter money .Christmas .expensive fuel bills ..,
fish socks lol wonder where i can buy them from
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yes cazz ive spent a lot of time with people who have "real problems" my wife didnt know where her next meal was coming from all her life,brought up through all kinds of abuse in northern thailand,no shoes,no school,no parents .i myself have been trailed up but i wont go into that....i would love my out look to be as wonderfull as some on how can i have a positive attitude when all i hear everyday is doom and gloom ,economic armageddon etc etc etc on the global warming/war/terrorism/recession is something to look forward to ??? also i do appreciate all the good things in my life..i know there are people all over the world with no hope...but it still doesnt take away the fact that i think the world cannot keep on going the way it is,surely? so it can only get better huh ? not too many people answered my question far
I think the future has its opportunities and threats.
Opportunities from better communications, better education, better healthcare, new ways of doing things, more economic mobility....
Threats from terrorism, breakdown of community, glorification of greed and materialism.

Its never all doom/gloom or butterflies/rainbows, always a mix of both as it has been since time began. Im glad I live now and not 150 years ago, but its true I would feel even more positive if we hadnt used our amazing brains to develop nuclear warfare though, I have to say.
I can remember, as a youngster, being unable to go to my sister's wedding because I had no shoes to wear.

In those days that wasn't so unusual - financial help was not as available as it is now, and my mum struggled to raise seven of us as a single parent.

Sometimes I felt hard done by, and then one day I read the following:

"I wept, for I had no shoes ...... until I met a man with no feet".

It put it all into perspective.
you sounds depressed to me luckyman, not just this post but all of your posts in the last few months have seemed quite morose in their own way.

we all have our crosses to bear, you have to look to the positives, you have to not let the negatives seep in, all the issues you mention affect all of us, not just you, the difference is that we have chose not to let these issues rule our lives...
it looks bad now but in 20 years time when it costs 38 quid to fly to the moon, we will look back and think what a bunch of idiots!
nothing will change, this totally
corrupt government will eventually destroy us all, they have no moral commitment to the future just an utterly selfish commitment to its own survival, Brown would absolutely prefer to totally destroy britain and its culture and all
that we stand for to preserve and to save his deceitful skin as the most incompetent prime minister ever non elected to office, a pretender to the throne, never entitled to sit on a chair in the gallery of gentlemen and peers, a sad innefective loser who will put black water in any spring of hope for our future, a man, a nonentity who will never have the common decency to resign from an unelected post, justice, a simple disgrace to humanity, a curse to decent working people all over our country. we all work for what little we hope to get from the state in our retirement, this despicable incompetant fool who sold our gold reserves to a car boot sale shoulld be made to pay out of his owwn bulging pockets, justice for the common people? only if spontaeous combustion is the retribution for us all

i agree cazzz's attitude, if i cant change the situation and have to live with it, then i have to look at it in positive way. situation wont get any better, if just sit there panicing, worrying about future without taking any action to plan your future.
It's not the end of the world. Doomsday is not approaching. We will survive, turn to green energy and save the planet this century. But there will always, ALWAYS be problems - social, domestic, political. Thus it has always been, and will continue. No matter how materially well-off people are, people still find reason to be unhappy or angry. You must find your own personal way to cope.

Don't put a rope up. Stay with us, and try to help make the world a better place. It's all any of us can do.
Things are looking grim but life goes on

I get diesel for my car for 60p a litre

I`ve got oil fueled central heating and I get my tank filled up for �150 instead of the normal �600

I buy my tobbaco and beer cheap and also get fresh meat cheap

All I need now is someone who does council tax and mortgages cheap then I`ll be even happier
Switch off outside influence; Tv, newspapers, phone & pc and read a book. Try this for a week to get a new perspective.

World affairs can't be controlled by you or me so if it gets you down, hit the OFF button.
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thats a good answer trembulan.....i think it is definately a case of turning the news over,,,i watch it first thing in morn and after work everyday...all the negative stuff on there must be having some kind of an gonna take ur advice!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i will say this to all those people out there who bury their heads in the sand,,i do think its a kind of dizzy/ignorant attitude u think everything is going to be okey dokey in the future.....the world is not getting any better!!!
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oops sorry,,,terambulan...need a coffee here..

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