tonsillitis help!

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missjef | 15:50 Thu 15th May 2008 | Body & Soul
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I started off with a sore throat late last week, then it got worse friday night so on saturday morning my mum thought it would be best to go up to the out of hours GP clinic at the hospital where i got prescribed liquid penicillin and got told i had got tonsillitis (which i've never had before).
I got told it should start dying down in the next 48 hours when the medicines kicking in, which it didn't and with having asthma i was getting worried about my breathing as my inhaler wasn't doing anything.. so went to the Dr's again on tuesday who think it might be glandular fever so took a blood test which i've got to go back to get the results for tomorrow..

does anyone have any idea's as to how long it takes for this kind of thing to go away? as it gets a little better for an hour or two then just gets really bad again and just doesnt seem to be much improvement.
I've been taking ibuprofen 'meltlets' that seem to do a little to help so that's good.

But any advice would be much appreciated!


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Sounds like your body is having a hard time shaking it off. Maybe you are run down. You should take echinacea from Holland and Barrett as well as a high dose of VitC. Don't worry if it gives you diarrhoea, as the body will just excrete what it doesn't use immediately. You should also try and take it easy- don't work and push yourself. Stay at home and watch films. If you do have tonsillitis, it is caused by a virus so antibiotics won't help. You just have to ride it out. Ibuprofen will make you feel better but won't actually get rid of the cause of the illness.
Tonsillitis can make you feel absolutely awful for a while.

Drink lots of fluids, through a straw if it makes it easier or suck on ice cubes (you can even freeze juice and such which makes them nicer tasting).

Having a soft scarf loosely round your neck can make it feel a bit better.

How is it affecting your breathing?

If you've got a bad virus it can know you out for a while, I had viral pnumonia and they suggested I could have glandular fever afterwards. Test was negative, just took a long time to get my body back on track.

Get lots of rest, fluids and good fresh food (wholesome soups and lots of fruit and vegetables), fresh air and gentle exercise when you can.
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thankyou very much for your answers, i felt a lot better yesterday afternoon an actually managed to eat some mashed potato and mince! but then feel bit worse again today..
off to the Dr's soon though to get the results back to see if its glandular fever -* fingers crossed* that its not!!
You should see your doctor. they give you medical 'stuff' don't judge me... i do NOT know what it is.

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tonsillitis help!

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