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firewatch | 10:53 Sat 18th Oct 2008 | Body & Soul
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is there anything over the counter ican take for bacterial tonsillitis??
The doctors can tfit me and i have been battling at work for the last few days. one of my tonsils resembled a cauliflower the other day. please help its really sore!!


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Gargling with salt dissolved in hot water will kill the bacteria but won't help you if it is a viral infection.
Plenty of things that you can take for bacterial tonsillitis, but non, other than antibiotics will be suitable. How do know that it is bacterial? I would take Tabs Ibuprofen if they are not too painful to swallow, but if difficult, then follow Scarlett's advice. Not sure that salt water is anti bacterial though.
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i know its that because i typed in tonsillitis into an image search engine, and ok so mine is not as bad as those but it still bloody hurts!
The doctors cant fit me in until monday, dispite the fact i could barley speak on the phone!!!!!!
I have been at work with this, the reception staff have very little voice between them.And we are muddling through.
I was feeling pretty [email protected] before it properly flared but i thought it was flu. now its this it sucks.
please help!
we have an nhs walk in centre in our city where you can see a doctor or nurse out of doctor surgery hours. have you anything like this where you live. sounds like you need antibiotics and the sooner the better.
Thanks firewatch, my advice remains the same but if imagenary's advice is approriate then take it. Bed, fluids and anti inflamatory drugs.
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I live in a rural town, with only the one surgery, but on monday i shall give the local doctors surgery to where i work a buzz and see if they can help (I live in a rural town but work in Worcester).
Huh! chance would be a fine thing we have a visitor coming to stay tonight, the plans where made a long time ago and could not be changed! Taken some super strength paracetamol and see if that helps. Thanks you guys!!
off to do yet more housework then making bannana bread, i can stay in bed and feel sorry for myself tomorrow.
Yeah! tough wekend it will be, but dose yoursef with Paracetamol. Banana bread? Sounds good to me, all the best.
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should really post this as another question can stress bring on tonsillitis??
what about airbourne bacteria? I was wondering because we have had a backed up sewer at the bottom of out lane for 2 weeks which i have had to walk through daily to catch the bus to work. could this have brought this on?

Yes stress can bring on a variety of ailments as stress compromises your immune system. If you ARE stressed you may find that you could be susceptible to a run of ailments. I doubt the sewer is to blame. Maybe you should buy a decent painkiller like Paramol (a combination of paracetamol and dihydracodeine). This is available over the counter and it is the strongest painkiller available this way.

As a nurse, this would be my first choice if I was feeling as poorly as you. It may provide some relief of your symptoms until you can get an antibiotic from your doctor.

And make sure you try and de-stress!! Good luck!
I agree with foodluva, the sewer is playing no part and her choice of analgesic is probably the best BUT the relationship between stress and infections is very questionable.
Not pleasant but you could try gargling diluted TCP.

Hope you feel better soon ...
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Thanx for the suggestion but i cannot stand tcp, when someone broke a few bottles at a supermarket where i worked i had the most awful headache for a few days afterwards.
The paracetamol is working a treat everything has been done and just waiting for the guys to return.
I was also going to suggest gargling with a diluted TCP. But if the taste puts you off try adding a small spoonful of sugar to it.
There is an anitseptic anaesthetic spray, called Vicks Chlorseptic.
It is quite good at making the symptoms more bearable _Throat_Spray__5097835

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