Acid reflux affecting voice

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Scarlett | 09:03 Sun 04th May 2008 | Body & Soul
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I've had problems with my voice -hoarseness-since January and it is still gravelly and rubbish. I have bought a mattress tilter which I thought was helping until today when I woke up with gravelly voice again. Has anyone had problems due to acid reflux or a voice problem that has lasted ages? I'm getting desperate for help. Have seen ENT and voice therapist etc..


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My sister had exactly the same problem, a different doctor gave her a new tablet as the antacid stuff didn't work. I'll find out what it is and maybe you can ask your GP, the new stuff worked and gone is the voice problems.
The doctor has probably already told you to make sure you have your evening meal very early and then don't go to bed for four hours.

Avoid coffee after lunchtime.
I am sure that this has been looked into with blood tests, but is your thyroid gland underactive?
Are you on anything for it eg normal antacids or something prescribed like Lanzoprazole?

Have you adapted your diet to help the acid reflux?

If it's still a problem could be you're irritated something (I irritated my osophagus when I had a really bad bout a while back due to anti-inflammatories for joint swelling and pain) and was short of breath and suffered for weeks with it.

Are you on anything like anti-inflammatories which could be irritating it?
have your doctors thought of trying to cure the problem rther than controlling the symptoms. Mvy hisband had an operation that completely cured his acid reflux from the moment he woke up from the anaesthetic
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I have been taking Ormeprazole which means I don't get indigestion and heartburn anymore, but I still think I would get it if I stopped taking them. That doesn't mean I don't get acid burning my throat in the night, and therefore waking up with a hoarse voice! Should I ask my Doc for a barium meal test to see if it is maybe hiatus hernia?
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amonty- Yes please find out what the drug is! The ormeprazole def works for me, in that it controls the symptoms, but not necessarily the cause.
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sqad- Thyroid is normal. Diet is careful and I eat early.. am doing all the things I can, and have read about but still not really getting shot of it.
I believe some blood pressure tablets especially the ace inhibitors cause acid reflux which affects your throat.
Ranitidine controls this really well, now available over the counter.

Symptoms are more common and more severe with:

mine started in pregnancy, lasted the whole time and eased off after the birth, but never went away completely

The hoarseness could also be a mild infection like laryngitis which could easily last several months
I used to find that a small shot of pure orange juice would cure my acid reflux, I tried lots of juices but orange worked the best.

Also if I'm stressed out by something before I go to bed I make it worse.

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Acid reflux affecting voice

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