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Mother dies after giving birth after refusing blood transfusion on religious grounds

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AB Asks | 10:30 Tue 06th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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A 22 year old mother died shortly after giving birth to her twins because her faith does not allow blood transfusions. The Jehovah's Witness signed a form before the birth saying she must not be given blood. When complications arose doctors and nurses pleaded with her family who share the same faith to allow her to have a transfusion to save her life, but they would not agree. What do you think? Should faith overrule medicine like this? Was it fair to leave these children without a mother?


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There is already a thread on this in the News section. 7470.html

There are indications that JWs may in the near future modify their guidance on blood products.

In answer to the question, anyone has a right to deny any medical treatment that they do not agree with. To leave two children motherless is a tragedy. Unfortunately, for some people their faith is paramount to everything, even life.
i thought that there were ways now of giving transfusions that were acceptable to these religions?

I can never understand how someon can be that determined as to put their children in a situation of having no mother or father whenh something simple could save them from death.

Faith and personal choice should always be able to override anything else when making a decision for onesself.

If the woman had sepcifically requested on her notes not to be given a transfusion then it should be left as that (as much as i hate her decision) but if she hadnt asked herself then the doctors should have been able to step in and make the decision for her.
daddy daddy why haven't we got a mummy?

Because I am a stupid selfish man who chooses to make life altering decisions based on a 2000 year old fairytale.

They ought to be locked up.
Also here. ture/Religion-and-Spirituality/Question477246. html

I knew this story would be all over the place on AB today.
I agree with reverend funk. They're all lunatics.
I don't hold with religiion and the bible at all. Load of cr*p!!
Similar thread in Religion and Spirituality as well.
Well said rev
If we follow everything the bible says, then it is OK to kill your neighbour if they steal your ox.
I agree with red, its a sad sad thing that she has left her kids and I cant quite understand it, but its her religion and its up to her.
It is 4get but what a waste of life.

2 kids are never going to know their mother, a mother is never going to hold her kids, etc etc
I tried to find the verse I refer to above but I may be wrong.

However the bible does say that if an ox kills a man, and the owner has been warned because it has done it before, then the owner should be killed.

It also says slavery is OK and you can sell your daughter. Its all there a few paragraphs after the ten commandments.
5 baps and a couple of pilchards?

Load of old bo77ocks the lot of it
It�s a shame and a waste of life, but she only has herself to blame. The children will no doubt grow up to believe she did the right thing as a JW.

Also accorind to the Bible, you should not covet your neighbour�s ass, but it is often so tempting.
What wouldve happened if those 2 little babies needed blood or treatment? Its doesnt bare thinking about
redcrx i dont obviously know but i can only imagine that when the girl signed the form i dont suppose that even in her wildest dreams that she would need the transfusion and that she would leave her new born babies without a mother
Teasy, in the case of children, the hospital would have stepped in and they would be be made Wards of Courts so that they could have treatment and the families wishes could be overruled. Once adulthood is reached a person has to be sectioned for this to happen, so adults wishes have by law to be respected if they refuse treatment.
I think the choice was hers, but also that JW's should not be allowed treatment in a conventional hospital.
Imagine how the nursing staff must feel having to step back and watch that happen, when the remedy is such an easy one. It must surely go against not only everythin they have trained for, but also basic human instinct ( which I would imagine is stronger in nurses etc than in the rest of us )
Maybe I'm wrong x x
The prohibition against blood transfusion is man-made and not Biblical doctrine. The reason that JW refuse blood is because of their spin on the 3000 year old Biblical Old Testament. Modern medicine will eventually make blood donations and transfusions a thing of the past and when this technology happens it won�t vindicate the Jehovah�s Witnesses and all the deaths that have occurred so far. Many years ago JW powers that be prohibited organ transplants as �cannibalism�, but reversed that rule around 30 years ago.

Why is it that so many people will support the idea of euthanasia, but when it comes down to religion choice and freedom, they cannot accept that someone may just want to let themselves die?

It is tragic - and I also find it incomprehensible that these individuals are convinced they are giving up their sacred life for God - but we must remember that whilst many of us cannot comprehend the rationale, it is their life to live it is also their life to give.
I agree with you peppy, I understand it's tragic and it was the woman's choice but how selfish to put all those medical professionals in such an awful situation, it's tantamount to suicide.
I don't normally answer the door to them but the next time they come I will and give them a piece of my mind.

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Mother dies after giving birth after refusing blood transfusion on religious grounds

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