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Mother dies after giving birth after refusing blood transfusion on religious grounds

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AB Asks | 10:30 Tue 06th Nov 2007 | Body & Soul
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A 22 year old mother died shortly after giving birth to her twins because her faith does not allow blood transfusions. The Jehovah's Witness signed a form before the birth saying she must not be given blood. When complications arose doctors and nurses pleaded with her family who share the same faith to allow her to have a transfusion to save her life, but they would not agree. What do you think? Should faith overrule medicine like this? Was it fair to leave these children without a mother?


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it is tantamount to suicide... but actually, I have nothing against suicide, or euthanasia; I think people have the right to end their own lives and to override their doctor's wishes. I do feel sorry for the children; but all parents must do what they feel is the right thing. It's my life, not the government's, not the NHS's.
The NHS and the government have no right to act contrary to a person's religious beliefs. If she didn't want to have a transfusion then that decision is hers to make. Bob Marley choose not to recieve treatment on the grounds of his religion. Let them die peacefully and with a bit of dignity if that's what they so wish.
I think that those kids will grow up to hate their religion for denying them their mother. I can understand that she had rights and that the hospital had no choice but to go along with it, but what about those kids rights or needs to have their mothers love? It is heartbreaking really. There is more evil and destruction commited in this world in the name of Religion than anything else.
Oh I dunno, we have power, greed, corruption and hatred.

It�s just that they are understandable and often commendable traits that are less sensational for headlines.
gina, If tyhe mother didnt think that she'd ever be in that situation then why would she even refuse it on her medical notes. Why not just leave it on there thatd she'd accept a transfusion. At least that way should the unthinkable happen (as it did) those children would still have a mother!
I don't think it is right but they could say to everyone "we told you so" when you look at how many people had blood transfusions and got HIV and how many heomophiliacs got HIV from blood transfusions. I am not condoning it but they have a point to that end. I don't think that anyone can do anything about it, except it is very sad for the family, they have to live with this but I don't think religion is that wonderful that someone should have their life snuffed out.
I had the JW tribe on the doorstep the other day and my question to them is " If it is so good why do you have to sell it on the doorstep " never get an answer , Mormons are just as bad . Every one is entitled to their beliefs and doorstep knockers who stand at the bus stop with me or serve in the local shop are out of order , as I feel i'm a target .
Of course the loss of any life is a tragedy, especially where children are involved but -

the freedoms that we hold so dear, and fight to maintain are two-edged - and this is the downside that must exist for freedom of choice to have any meaning.

It is so sad, but choices of this nature must be respected.
What a selfish self obsessed self deluded Bxxch. Leave two children Motherless for a baseless belief. Surely their is a time when society should suspend religous rights if it affects the rights of Others.i.e the right to a family for those poor kids. After all we dont allow female genital mutilation in the UK , its a religous right after all but we dont allow it. Whats the differance with a JW. She should have been tied down and forced to take a Transfusion. JWs should accept the norms of a civil society like the rest of us.
also i thought when you have kids that that was it, you give you life for these kids that they would be put first?

I know when i have kids i will do everything i can to support them and be there for them!
this is crazy...and to be honest, confuses me. ive had operations in the past, and was never asked about my consent regarding the procedure at all, as the doctors just assumed their clinical judgment over my own. When I complained to the health care commision, they argued this is the right thing that should have happened, and yet they still called it "informed consent!?" another thing are Do Not Resusitate forms. These can be signed by a dr without consent by relations or the patient themselves. yet in this case, they didnt give the blood, because the pt refused on religious grounds! what about the dr's clinical decisions there then?

anyway, regardless of my ignorant knowledge of how these policies and procedures work, i still think this is unbelieveable. but welcome to "by the book britain" lets be honest, she would have probably sued the hospital having survived saying she was discriminated against because of her religion. your laughing, like i said - welcome to england. besides, no big deal, she probably would have died from MSRA or C-diff later. if not herself, the child. Both senarious wouldnt surprise me.
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Mother dies after giving birth after refusing blood transfusion on religious grounds

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