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sin and slim?

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bevywevy | 22:36 Fri 19th Oct 2007 | Body & Soul
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Anyone tried sin and slim diet? does it work?


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To be honest Bevy, the only diet that works is eat less and move more.
honestly bev no diets work...

the only way to lose weight is to eat normal food (ie meat n vegs as opposed to a microwave lasagne)

do some form of activity everyday

it will come off slowly but will stay off because you wont crave the junk. 90 per cent of women regain all the weight they lose..
No but it sounds fabulous!x
90% of women who use fad diets (forgot to add that part!!)
bevywevy...what's the sin and slim diet?
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the website is nancy sorrell vic reeves wife says its great, ive been on it a week, struggling to find a diet that suits a fussy eater (me lol) i love plain cooking
Learn to cook! It's the best way to loose weight and stay slim - and above all - healthy.

Buy the raw ingredients, put them together yourself, with the flavourings you prefer, and enjoy the meal you put on the plate. It can take no longer than a microwave meal and tastes a lot better.

You can eat almost anything if you DIY. The **** that causes weight gain and mood swings is in the prepared meals that we buy.

And stop worrying about fat content. Unless your diet is totally pre-prepared fast food or you have a family history of high cholesterol it's SUGAR content that results in the dietary problems most people have. Just look at the ingredients in the low-fat stuff (check for dextrose, sucrose, maltodextrin etc.). These are often classed as carbs on any nutritional information on the pack - but they're empty carbs which do nothing more than provide an easy blood sugar spike and a temporary sensation of comfort. And then cause you to crave something more!

Bleached flours are too easy for the body to absorb and encourage water retention - opt for wholemeal bread and pasta instead. If you want something sweet have a simple chocolate bar rather than chocolate biscuits or a chocolate coated snack bar or - even worse - those 'jelly' type sweets.

The biggest difference anyone can make to their diet today is to cook their own food. If you do this you will enjoy what you eat so much more and do yourself the biggest favour you ever could.
Hi bevywevy, I go to slimming world once a week this is a great way to lose weight, I have lost over 2 stone. We are allowed 10-15 sins a day, so I can have a treat every day if I want or I can save my sins up for my alcohol consumption at the weekend, you also can have unlimited fruit,veg,and 2 what we call A and B choices , these can be cereal,milk cheese,baked potato and many more. I can honestly say I am never hungry but like everything else you have to have some willpower to stop binging on things you love , in my case chocolate, but I would say slimming world is the best eating plan I have tried, and I have tried the lot,so maybe this would suit you if there is a class near you, and its a night out where you get to meet new friends.

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sin and slim?

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