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leg_end758 | 19:09 Thu 27th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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just watchin this clip from bagpuss.
any old progs or tunes or sweerta or clothes that yuo used to like and think about nostalgicallly?

could even be a foood that you used to like ?


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What happened to TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIO!? Scrummiest biscuits ever invented...
I've had a good ond laugh at all the 80's cartoons intros on youtube I used to watch, especially Transformers and He-man. I forgot so many of them!
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capn pugwash lol
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loved the hair bear bunch lol
Evening Legend this was my fav as a child i loved the sounds they make. Also loved cremola foam wish they would bring that back.
The Clangers
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cremola foam tstes like red bull eh ?

doooo rrreeeeeeet dut dut dudt dangggggggggg

wheres the soup dragon ??
I'm older so you probably won't remember these sweets: Tiger Tots (mini liquorice allsorts), Candy Tots (mini Dolly Mixtures) and Teddy Tots (candy cubes, I think). I think they were made to be part of Jelly Tots range. Had an ad on telly with a catchy jingle ending "please yourself!"
Afterschool telly:Shari Lewis and Lambchop...(was it shown in the UK?).......Hostess Twinkies-sickly American chocolate cupcakes with cream filling and choc fudge icing
I remember those, Hannahb and I instantly remembered the tune from the advert when I read your post too....I wonder what other random memories are waiting to be disturbed in my brain?!
This does it for me

bagpuss is my absolute fave though
and this!
i remember that one unruly... god does that bring back memories. Does anyone remember this one?
We've been introducing my daughter to all our old favs recently. She now loves Button Moon and Rainbow. Im yet to introduce her to my all time fav........ Jamie And His Magic Torch!
were off to button moon

i remember candy tots etc ya dafty lol : -)

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