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after the trivia's gone...its just trivia it never leaves

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cazzz1975 | 23:30 Tue 25th Sep 2007 | Body & Soul
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1) have you been asked by a hand car wash worker to have your car washed recently? and did you?
2) what is you favourite cadburys rose?
3) when did you last buy an ornament?
4) what did you do in the time AB has been down?
5) when was the last time you cried and why?
6) which celeb would you take to the cinema?
7) what is your favourite type of AB argument?
8) have you every shoplifted in your life? (I have to stress I am asking about pilfering merchandise not lifting up a shop building)


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1 i have always washed my own car my mother always says never pay someone to do something you can do yourself

2 hate roses

3 hate ornaments its a gentic family thing

4 watched 2 documentaries and then torres rip reading apart

5 2 days ago raw onion for my din dins

6 nobby willams to an action film so no one would hear the gun as i shot him in the left temple

7 me and doc spock

8 no

Hi Bob.

Hi Cazzz
cazzz I love your work at the moment :)

1. Urggggggggggggggh don't drive
2. long defunct coffee one
3. 2 years ago
4.Watched csi and swooned over Horatio
5. This morning was feeling miserable
6.Rik Mayall so I could cop a feel in the dark
7. Ones about people getting sent to the dungeon and what are we going to do about it?
8. Yes I used to nick sweets from the Woolies pick n mix - they filled them up so they were overflowing, it was bound to happen.
i like the editor ones "editor will you sort this out, editor i am upset why have you not answered my e mail,s editor my oven gloves went on fire, editor i am out of lemon curd"
as if she/he/it gives a pandas a.r.s.e
Question Author
Hi doc :) see you are out of the slammer for now :)

(I was always told in prisoner cell block H that your types always come back)

1. dont drive
2. caramel
3. good god no
4. watched videos on you tube
5. pass
6. peter kay
7. oh wardy and anyone lol
8. never
Question Author
Im seeing already the shocking lack of regard for ornaments.....

thanx hellibobs :)
1) I use the drive thru one
2) strawberry
3) In Turkey last month
4) I must have been eating my tea, watching soaps, reading with my grandson, helping him pack to go to Cyprus, chat to Bez and generally gossip with my family,
5) Last night when my grandson said a prayer for his late Godfather
6) Jim Bowen
7) The never ending grudge match but zigzag has gone to Greece so i shall have to wait til they get back
8) not knowingly but i got a can of petrol yesterday cos i ran out in the trafic jams on the way to work cos the M^ was shut and I put it in my car and didn;t go back to pay for it !!! i called back on the way home and the lad hadn't told his boss he had let me take it, (I'd walked up to the petrol station but let my bag in me car grrr)
torres hat trick
cazzz, your trivia is getting as good as bob's ;)
getting is as good as never there :)
bob will you have a strop if cazzz overtakes you as trivia champ?
Question Author
irish strops are the best ;)
no im too random :)
it takes a lot of thought though much better than posting a newspaper headline and saying "what do you think" after it :)
Question Author
mine was pretty random, albeit I only cobbled it together quickly

you must be codding yourself
i could go up to full random power but then noone would understand me :)
......................I'd probably still understand you!!!! :-)
1. No
2. That caramel barrel one
3. I don't own any, they collect dust!!!!
4. I was at work, so I broke the habit of a lifetime and actually did some work!!!!!
5. A couple of weeks ago because I miss my nieces and nephews :-(
6. I hate going to the cinema
7. I can't decide
8. No
1) Don't drive.
2) The one with just the nut in but no caramel
3) I've no idea.
4) It was down last night and I was watching telly.
5) A long time ago.
6) George Clooney (I think)
7) Ones that are taken to MSN. Mindnumbing.
8) Yes.
1. No car
2. Strawberry cream
3. Last xmas
4. Pressed submit too many times
5. Yesterday
6. Not cinema , it's cosier at home watching a dvd
7. None
8. No

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after the trivia's gone...its just trivia it never leaves

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