Does anyone believe in people getting theyre comeuppance?

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freak_unique | 13:26 Sun 19th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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You have probably all heard about my lousy housemate, the one that eats all my food because he cant be bothered to shop, ****** in glasses, eats my mates whole bday cake before its been opened, and literally does sweet FA around the house. Well, just lately everything he does seems to come back on him... he ****** in a glass in his room, woke up in the night and thought was water and drank it and was really ****** off about it for days that he couldnt drink without feeling sick. He stole a whole cake out of our cupboard and ate the lot which turned out to be my friends birthday cake which was unopened, and yesterday he stole my big chocolate muffin out the fridge, and while eating it he thought he dropped some and ended up eating a dead slug off the floor which was black and he had walked in the house earlier and hadnt bothered cleaning up so hes sulked about that now. Left poo smeared all over the outside of the toilet bowl to which i got all over my trousers the next day. Super glued animals all over my shoes to impress people.
Do you think this is just coincidence or karma coming back on him?
I cant be bothered anymore im at my wits end and about to move out. Hes supposed to be our friend, eats all our food even though has more money than us, never cleans anything but acts as though its us. Ive given up doing anything in this house anymore. What would you do?


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Dead slug on floor, what sort of filth do you live in.

How do you poo outside the toilet?

Soubds like you all deserve each other.
I am surprised you're not all ill, it sounds like you're living in some kind of pit! Move out asap.
My husband carried a slug in on his shoes from the garden and i went ballistic! slugs and snails uggh, i dont mind spiders or mice though, still clean the house freak or youl be as bad as him- does he pay rent? put the rent up double or get rid of him
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Doc spock, he walked it in on his shoe and didnt tell me until he had eaten it. How can you critiscise me when Im the only person who does anything in this house for him to mess it up again?
Hi freak, me again, nothing much changed then! Glad you are finally moving on. He sounds really gross! Good luck in your new place xx
dirty house
I think we have all had to live with someone like this... be assured that it doesn't last forever. But you do need to move out and either live with girls or get your own place.
hi freak_unique have you ever heard of putting rat poisen in a cake
I could not live like that!!! GROSS!!!!!!
time to get human digs and move out of the monkeys cage .

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Does anyone believe in people getting theyre comeuppance?

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