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Happy Birthday Smudge!!!

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Wispy68 | 13:27 Thu 16th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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Have a lovely day. XXX


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smudge's b-day? happy birthday smudge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not talking about a bidet btw...!
to one of my favourite ABers, have an awesome day smudge.

Lots of love
I posted in other one, but I'll say it here too, Happy burpday :-)
Many Happy Returns. xx
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes :o)
Happy birthday smudge xx
Happy Birthday Smudge!! Have a most excellent day!! xxx
Who is smudge. sorry but i do not know.
Happy Birthday Smudge!
For she's a jolly good fellow.... :) Happy Birthday Smudge :)
Happy birthday, smudge! :o)

Hope you're having a fab day. Lots of love. x x x x x
Happy Birthday Smudge, hope you are having a lovely day :)
Happy birthday smudge, it's me apricot. Hope the cog in you wheel is OK
Happy birthday smudge sweetie, have a wonderful day , hope you are well :-) xxx
Most absolutely, Smudge, I wish you Mazeltov, and a most happy day, you are one really really nice person.
Dear Smudge, Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, sorry can't download a piccy of flowers. but computer's all beggared up at mo. Have a lovely day, love to you and yours. x
Well what can I say - thank you so much darling daughter Wispy68 for pointing me to this thread. Also to our darling daughter Coggles & to both you, Dad, family & friends, for making my 60th birthday a very special one. Also for my beautiful little kitten - she's absolutely adorable & is sitting at my feet now, bless her.

Thank you all so much too, to Cazz, BOO, 4get, China Doll, Pippa, McCluff, Wingnut, Psychick, Leelapops, Whiskey, pixi, thugulike, bigmamma, Lonnie & Neti for your kind birthday wishes. You're all so lovely & I wish you all well.

I've had the most wonderful, wonderful day.....
awww, im so glad you've had a good birthday :-)

Where have you been? Missed ya posts here in nutland, sorry, i mean AB.
So glad you had a good day , gosh it is a special milestone birthday too eh , your 60th , best wishes , enjoy that adorable sounding little kitten :-) xx
Ah, thank you dear BOO - I left a message for you on another thread somewhere this week (I'll look for it tomorrow), hoping you & your family enjoyed your holiday. Hope you feel rested too....

I haven't been on here much lately, but when I have popped in, can see what you mean about nutland!

I've had a really full on happy birthday & can just about keep my eyes open now - so, I'll say nite night & sweet dreams to you & all. -xxxx-

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Happy Birthday Smudge!!!

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